You asked: How English came an official status in the Philippines?

English was introduced into the Philippines during the US colonial occupation and civil regime in the early 1900s and has now become the second official language. … English words have been assimilated into Tagalog to create a blended hybrid, or slang, known as “Taglish”.

How English came to have official status in the Philippines?

English in the Philippines occurred in the year 1762 when the Americans occupied the Philippines from 1898 to 1946. … In 1935, English was added as an official language. Over the years it developed including its accent, vocabulary and even the way of writing. The beginning of the English language was around 1898 to 1920.

When was English declared as the official language of the Philippines?

By 1901, public education used English as the medium of instruction. Around 600 educators (called “Thomasites”) who arrived in that year aboard the USAT Thomas replaced the soldiers who also functioned as teachers. The 1935 Constitution added English as an official language alongside Spanish.

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What is the role and status of English in the Philippines?

The status of English can be seen in how the people running the educational system of the country have given relevance to it. From primary school to tertiary level, English, is one of the two primary languages used as media of instruction and taught as subjects (Department of Education, Culture, and Sports Order No.

How did English become to be the language of literature in the post war Philippines?

English became the medium of communication and of instruction in schools and by the 1930s was also increasingly popular as the language of literature. Fiction, particularly the short story, proved to be the most popular form of literary expression for Filipinos.

What is the history of the English language?

English is a West Germanic language that originated from Anglo-Frisian dialects brought to Britain in the mid 5th to 7th centuries AD by Anglo-Saxon migrants from what is now northwest Germany, southern Denmark and the Netherlands. … The Late West Saxon dialect eventually became dominant.

Who brought English to the Philippines?

Filipinos were introduced to the English language in 1762 by British invaders, not Americans and the implementation of English language as the media of instructions starts with the language provision in the 1987 constitution of Republic of the Philippines which are embodied in Article XIV, sec 6 and 7 provided the …

Which languages have official status in the Philippines?

The two official languages of the Philippines are Filipino and English. Filipino is the national language, and the official status of English is a holdover from its time as a U.S. territory between the years of 1898 and 1946.

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How did Philippine English evolve?

The Philippine English has evolved from the native speakers of the language who served as models in schools and other social organizations during colonization. Dialects that characterize Filipino cultures remained asa dominant influencing factor in dealing with linguistic mechanics.

What is the importance of learning English as a Filipino?

English can be used to promote and teach the Filipino ideals, culture, and traditions which can imbed a love for one’s country in the young. It must become a tool used in the schooling of young minds to see the potential and importance of the national language.

How does English affect social and cultural perspectives?

English breaks the communication barriers between people from diverse cultural background and it creates a new community where people come together and share their cultures and ideas with broader audience (Johnson, 2009, p. 138).

What makes Philippine English unique?

Philippine English has developed a vigorous literature. It is in the process of standardization, with a variety no longer marked by regional accents associated with regional languages, but a converging variety that originates in Manila.

How did writing in English develop?

Modern English developed mainly from Mercian, but the Scots language developed from Northumbrian. A few short inscriptions from the early period of Old English were written using a runic script. By the 6th century, a Latin alphabet was adopted, written with half-uncial letterforms.

How did the Philippine literature develop?

Philippine Literature developed through different periods or stages: Spanish colonial rule, American Period, under the Republic, and the Contemporary Period. … Strong national consciousness and patriotic ideas was planted among the Filipinos ushered to the idea of the free Philippines from Spain.

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How did the English language shape Philippine literature during US colonialism?

When the Americans arrived in the Philippines in 1898, English was systematically promoted as the language that would “civilize” the Filipinos. It was the language that the colonizer introduced to the colonized so that the latter would be able to participate in a society determined by colonialism.