Which country of Southeast Asia has the highest population density?

Macao had the highest population density in 2020 with approximately 19.7 thousand people per square kilometer.

What is the most densely populated country in Southeast Asia?

Indonesia has a total area of 735,358 square miles of land. That said, the population and the total area show us that the population density of Indonesia is about 55 people per square mile. Indonesia accounts for nearly twenty percent of all people who live in the Southeast Asia region of the world.

Which region of South Asia has the highest population density?

The population of South Asia is about 1.891 billion or about one-fourth of the world’s population, making it both the most populous and the most densely populated geographical region in the world.

South Asia.

Area 5,134,641 km2 (1,982,496 sq mi)
Ethnic groups Indo-Aryan, Iranian, Dravidian, Sino-Tibetan, Austroasiatic, Turkic etc.

Which is the most densely populated country of Asia?

Asian Countries by population (2021)

# Country (or dependency) Density (P/Km²)
1 China 153
2 India 464
3 Indonesia 151
4 Pakistan 287
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What is the population density of Southeast Asia?

South-Eastern Asia Population (LIVE)

South-Eastern Asia population is equivalent to 8.58% of the total world population. South-Eastern Asia ranks number 3 in Asia among subregions ranked by Population. The population density in South-Eastern Asia is 154 per Km2 (399 people per mi2).

Which continent has the highest population density?

Perhaps not surprisingly, the most densely populated continent is Asia. Here are the population densities of the continents: North America – 60.7 people per square mile. South America – 61.3 people per square mile.

What is the density of population of Asia?

Asia ranks number 1 among regions of the world (roughly equivalent to “continents”), ordered by population. The population density in Asia is 150 per Km2 (387 people per mi2).

What is Asia’s most densely populated country and least densely populated country?

The continent is known for its large and dense settlements and also large areas of extremely low population density.

The 10 Least Populated Countries In Asia.

Rank Country Population (2017), World Factbook
1 Maldives 392,709
2 Brunei Darussalam 443,593
3 Bhutan 758,288
4 Timor-Leste 1,291,358

Is Asia the most densely populated continent?

According to the United Nations, there are 48 countries in Asia today. Asia is confined to the east by the Pacific Ocean, to the southeast by Australia, and to the south by the Indian Ocean. It comprises 60 percent of the population of the planet. It is the most densely populated continent on the earth.

Why Asia has the highest density of population?

There are many factors which determine this such as – the climate of that place, its relief, soil, and availability of water etc. Among the total continents of the world, Asia has the highest population density which is 150 persons per square kilometres.

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Why is the density of population high in Southern Asia?

The regions and countires with the most fertile lands, good climate and adequate fresh water are densely populated.