What is the longest running Philippine musical play?

Kanser: The Musical is the longest-running straight play in Philippine theater history, based on the classic novel of Dr. Jose Rizal, “Noli Me Tangere”. The musical play is an original production of Gantimpala Theatre Foundation, with libretto by Jomar Fleras, music by Jed Balsamo and direction by Frannie Zamora.

Is Rak of Aegis a theater?

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Today, Rak of Aegis is the longest-running original Pinoy musical in contemporary Philippine theater.

Who created Rak of Aegis?

The Filipino musical is written by Liza Magtoto and directed by Maribel Legarda, the artistic director of PETA, with musical direction, arrangement, and vocal direction by Myke Solomon.

What is PETA and Tanghalang Pilipino?

• “D’Wonder Twins of Boac” (PETA) • “Ibalong” (Tanghalang Pilipino) Outstanding Production of Existing Material for a Play.

What is the story of Rak of Aegis?

Rak of Aegis features the popular songs of ’90s band Aegis while telling the story of Aileen, a young girl who dreams of becoming a YouTube sensation. She lives in fictional Barangay Venizia, which is submerged in flood water. It’s finally happening! It’s finally happening!

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How much is the ticket for Rak of Aegis?

Php 500.00 for Video on Demand. If you have an August 8 ticket, for example, you can watch the show an unlimited amount of times for 24 hours starting that date.

What is the title of the PETA musical which features songs by the OPM rock band Aegis?

About: The music of the legendary pop-rock band Aegis conquers the local theater scene as the Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) closes its 46th Theater Season with “Rak of Aegis”, a Pinoy rock comedy-musical featuring the songs of Aegis.

What is the most famous Philippine theater?

Tanghalang Pilipino (Philippine Theater) is the leading exponent of Philippine theater and the resident drama company of the Cultural Center of the Philippines since its organization in 1987.

How can I join Repertory Philippines?

Interested enrollees can message the REP Facebook Page or send an email to repphilsworkshop@gmail.com for available slots. Upon receiving confirmation from the REP team, fill out the enrollment form and pay the workshop fee. Submit both accomplished form and proof of payment to sales@repphil.org.

Who Found Theater Down South?

Spearheaded by Michael Williams, the company, aptly named Theater Down South, was founded four years ago to make live entertainment more accessible for those who prefer not to brave the SLEX.

What is the story of Huling El Bimbo musical?

The story of Ang Huling El Bimbo centres on four college students, whose friendship is tested after a personal tragedy. The musical features iconic Eraserheads songs such as ‘Pare Ko’ and ‘Alapaap’, along with the title track.

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What Filipino moral values was the focus in the message of the theatrical performance Rak of Aegis?

After all, the focus of the play is the ability to become strong, healthy, or be successful again after something bad happens. But worth highlighting is the lesson of the play (as stated by Magtoto above), wherein simply stressing the resilience of the Filipino is not always good.