What is the job law in Indonesia?

Does Indonesia have labor laws?

The Indonesian legislation, including the Law No. 13 of 2003 on Manpower (Labour Law), is silent on this matter. Based on the latest information from the official at the Ministry of Manpower, there are no prohibitions under the Labour Law on background checks on applicants.

What are employment laws called?

Labour laws (also known as labor laws or employment laws) are those that mediate the relationship between workers, employing entities, trade unions and the government.

Is 13th month pay mandatory in Indonesia?

Employees are paid a mandatory 13th-month salary payment in Indonesia, often referred to as THR. This is considered a religious day allowance and is paid one week before the respective religious holiday.

What is the minimum wage in Indonesia?

Indonesia’s yearly minimum wage is $1,027.00 in International Currency.

How is salary calculated in Indonesia?

How is the payroll calculated in Indonesia?

  1. Annual salary: 12 x 50,000,000 = 600,000,000 IDR.
  2. THR Payment (one month salary): 50,000,000 IDR.
  3. Social security contributions (BPJS): …
  4. Annual gross income: 893,240,000 IDR.
  5. Personal Income deduction: 6,000,000 IDR.
  6. Old Age Saving Deduction: 2% x 600,000,000 = 12,000,000IDR.
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Is employment law civil or criminal?

Civil laws include employment laws, which determine employer and employee relationships with the goal of equal and fair working to help society.

What are the rules for employees?

There is no justification for my ignorance, even being a rookie. Turns out that my employment agreement had made it binding for me to serve a notice period of three months before leaving the job. Imagine staying in a position you have formally given up on! It is not easy.

What are the 3 main Labour laws?

South Africa has three main labour laws, namely the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, the Labour Relations Act, and the Employment Equity Act.

What is thr bonus in Indonesia?

THR is an acronym for a Bahasa Indonesia term (Tunjangan Hari Raya) which refers to an annual bonus of one month’s salary given to employees before the start of a religious holiday.

Does Indonesia have EPF?

Source of funds. Provident fund: 2% of gross monthly earnings. Social insurance: None. Provident fund: At least 2% of gross monthly declared earnings.

How do I terminate an employee in Indonesia?

Employment Termination in Indonesia

Negotiations, you must first try to negotiate with the employee or their Labor Union. Three consecutive warning letters must be given to the employee from the employer prior to termination. After termination, calculate the remaining compensation owed, and pay to the employee.

How much is cost of living in Indonesia?

According to a survey, the cost of living in Indonesia for a single person averages at Rp 13,415,843 (about $900) a month. While a family of four may need up to Rp 29,846,962 (about $2,000) to live comfortably. These amounts, however, tend to vary all throughout the country.

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What is the hourly wage in Indonesia?

$1.29 per hour

In Indonesia, minimum wage varies depending on the region of the archipelago, much like the United States’ individual state minimum wage rates. Salaries vary from 1,100,000 in Jawa Tengah to 1,621,172 in Bali. Jakarta’s wage remains the highest in the nation.

Is labor in Indonesia cheap?

Indonesia has the largest labour force in Southeast Asia and the labour cost is still considerably cheaper than its neighbouring countries. Despite the economic slowdown in 2020, it is still one of the world’s biggest and fast-growing economies, making it attractive for doing business in Indonesia.