What is Thai Wai Kru?

The wai khru ceremony (Thai: พิธีไหว้ครู, pronounced [wâːj kʰrūː]) is a Thai ritual in which students pay respects to teachers in order to express their gratitude and formalize the student–teacher relationship. It is regularly held near the beginning of the school year in most schools in Thailand.

What is the main purpose of Wai Kru ceremony?

The objectives of Wai Kru Ceremony are for students to express their respect and gratitude toward teachers as well as to enhance the good relationship between teachers and students.

What does the Muay Thai dance mean?

The Muay Thai Dance or the Wai Kru Ram Muay is a pre-fight ritual used to warm up and stretch and for fighters to pay respect to their teachers and other people who helped them on their fight journey. “Wai” is a Thai greeting and “Khru” is teacher, “ram” means dance, and “Muay” means Boxing.

Is Wai Kru religious?

For those in Thai dance or music schools, the ritual is a bit different. The Wai Kru ceremony is also held once a year, on Thursdays – which have a religious character in Thailand, being the day of the god of teachers and learning, Brishapati. … As with all Wai Khru, the movements are rooted in Buddhist tradition.

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Why do Thai people celebrate teachers Day?

Teachers are valued in every country around the world, but few nations show teachers their due respect like Thailand does. This is reflected in Thai Teachers’ Day, celebrated each year to encourage the humility of students before their teachers.

What was Thailand’s original name?

The country was renamed on June 23rd, 1939.

Why do Muay Thai fighters pray?

The ram muay shows respect and gratitude to the boxer’s teacher, parents, and ancestors. In the days when boxers fought in front of the royalty, the ram muay also paid respect to the king. Upon entering the ring, fighters circle the ring in a counter-clockwise direction and pray at each corner.

Why do Muay Thai fighters bow?

The traditional gesture used to show respect in Thailand is called the “Wai”. It consists of a slight bowing of the head, with the hands pressed together in a prayer-like fashion in front of the face. The higher the hands in relation to the face, and the lower the bow, the more respect is being given.

What do Muay Thai fighters wear on their head?

Mongkon (Thai: มงคล [mōŋkʰōn]) is a type of headgear worn by Muay Thai athletes. The Mongkhon is given to a boxer after their trainer saw that the student had become an experienced fighter and learned a great deal of knowledge about Muay Thai.

How do you do wai in Thailand?

First, put your palms together in front of your chest so that each finger is touching its counterpart. Then, bring your hands to touch the middle of your chest and slightly bow your head so that your index fingers touch your nose; this is the basic wai, and it most resembles a slight bow.

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Why do Muay Thai fighters kneel?

Kru means teacher. As a whole the wai kru is a way to pay respect to your coaches, gym, training partners and family. The wai kru is the portion of the muay thai dance where the fighter circles the ring 3 times before kneeling and bowing 3 times to show respect to God and man.

Can Muslims Wai?

Normal moderate Thai Muslims do wai like any other Thais. Gen. Sonthi, a Muslim, also definitely wais people.

What is the Thai word for teacher?

The Thai translation for “teacher” is ครู.