What are the effects of poverty in the Philippines?

With poverty plaguing the country and employment opportunities being scarce, many Filipinos are unable to afford housing, which puts them in danger of turning to the streets for accommodation. In 2012, extreme poverty within the Philippines affected 19.2 percent of the population or around 18.4 million people.

What is the effects of poverty?

Child Poverty

Usually by the age of six they can be enrolled in child labor. Nearly all the potential effects of poverty impact the lives of children—poor infrastructure, unemployment, malnutrition, domestic violence, child labor, and disease.

What is poverty and its causes and effects?

Poverty is defined as the state of being poor and not having access to adequate necessities. … Those who suffer from poverty also do not have access to social tools of well-being such as education and health requirements. The direct effects of poverty are hunger, malnutrition, and susceptibility to diseases.

What are the effects of poverty in the community?

At the same time, levels of poverty and deprivation continue to make life a daily struggle for individuals, families and for neighbourhoods where too many people have lower life expectancy, a higher exposure to crime, high levels of unemployment and lower educational attainment, and where children are born into …

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What are the effects of poverty on the economy?

Poverty can dampen growth when market imperfections (market failures, incomplete or uncompetitive markets) combine with investment indivisibilities, fixed costs, and strategic complementarities.

What are the effects of poverty in developing countries?

Health Issues. Health is perhaps the one area where poor people suffer the most. For instance, a disproportionately large percentage of diseases in low-income countries are caused by the consequences of poverty such as poor nutrition, indoor air pollution and lack of access to proper sanitation and health education.

What are the effects of living in extreme poverty?

Although extreme poverty affects nearly everywhere in the world, it mainly destroys third world countries. Extreme poverty has so many significant negative effects such as poor health, lack of education and increased crime rate.

How does poverty affect social development?

Poverty has negative impacts on children’s health, social, emotional and cognitive development, behaviour and educational outcomes. … Poverty puts an additional strain on families, which can lead to parental mental health and relationship problems, financial problems and substance misuse.

How does poverty affect human development?

Particularly at its extremes, poverty can negatively affect how the body and mind develop, and can actually alter the fundamental architecture of the brain. Children who experience poverty have an increased likelihood, extending into adulthood, for numerous chronic illnesses, and for a shortened life expectancy.