What are the 6 major hospitals in Metro Manila?

*Six (6) major hospitals: Asian Hospital, Cardinal Santos Medical Center, Makati Medical Center, St. Luke’s Medical Center Quezon City, St. Luke’s Medical Center Taguig, The Medical City.

How many hospitals are there in Metro Manila?

As of February 2021, there were a total of 109 level-3 hospitals in the Philippines. Of these hospitals, the majority were located within the National Capital Region or Metro Manila area with 56 hospitals.

What is the biggest hospital in Manila?

The Southern Philippines Medical Center (SPMC) is the largest hospital in the Philippine Department of Health system, with an approved bed capacity of 1,200, by virtue of Republic Act 9792.

What hospitals are in Manila?

City of Manila

  • Medical Center Manila.
  • Philippine General Hospital.
  • San Juan de Dios Hospital.
  • Providence Hospital – Quezon Ave.
  • Capitol Medical Center.
  • Armed Forces of the Philippines Medical Center.

What are the Level 3 hospitals in the Philippines?

The Level 3 hospitals that are at critical risk as are follows: East Avenue Medical Center, Chinese General Hospital, Metropolitan Medical Center, Capitol Medical Center, Ospital ng Makati, Quirino Memorial Medical Center, San Juan de Dios Foundation, University of Perpetual Help Dalta Medical Center, UP-Philippine …

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Is UST Hospital a tertiary hospital?

The UST Hospital has over 20 accredited Residency Training Programs and 33 accredited Fellowship Subspecialty Programs. It provides level 3 tertiary care, meaning it offers advanced specialized health care, such as neurosurgery, cardiac surgery, and other complex medical interventions.

What are tertiary hospitals in the Philippines?

(e) “Tertiary Level I hospital” refers to a hospital which has capabilities for providing medical care to cases requiring sophisticated diagnostic and 4 Page 5 therapeutic equipment and the expertise of trained specialists and sub- specialists.

What is the most advanced hospital in the Philippines?


ranking World Rank Instituto
1 1244 Philippine Heart Center
2 3099 St Luke’s Medical Center Quezon City
3 3369 Makati Medical Center
4 4024 Asian Hospital & Medical Centre

Is ust a government hospital?

The UST Hospital, our premier medical facility, is a non-stock, non-profit hospital. Its primary mission is to provide the best quality healthcare possible, especially to our less fortunate brothers and sisters.

How many hospitals are there in the Philippines?

In total, there are approximately 1800 hospitals in the Philippines, of which 721 (40%) are public hospitals; the DOH directly operates 70 of them.

Hospitals, Procedures, Healthcare Professionals UN:

Number of hospitals 1,800 (2016)
Dentists 45,903

How many hospitals are there in Luzon?

All administrative regions in the country have DOH hospitals, 38 of which are located in Luzon, 12 in Visayas, and 16 in Mindanao. Majority of these facilities are Level 3 Hospitals (56%). In 2020, the total licensed beds of these hospitals amount to 22,773 while implementing beds amount to 27,019.

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How many private hospitals in the Philippines?

PHAP operates on a national scope and has a growing membership of over 600 members throughout the country. Out of the 1,071 licensed private hospitals at the Department of Health, 50% are recognized members of the association who actively participate and support all the PHAP activities since its inceptio …

Are hospitals in Manila good?

Hospitals in the Philippines, particularly around Manila, frequently offer high-quality healthcare. … Very basic medical care is about all you’ll find in many hospitals outside of the major urban areas. It is not unwise before considering a medical procedure to assess the standards of medical care in a hospital.

What are the five types of hospitals?

Specialty Hospitals

  • Women’s hospitals.
  • Children’s hospitals.
  • Cardiac hospitals.
  • Oncology hospitals.
  • Psychiatric hospitals.
  • Trauma centers.
  • Cancer treatment centers.

What level of hospital is PGH?

The Philippine General Hospital (also known as University of the Philippines–Philippine General Hospital or UP–Philippine General Hospital), simply referred to as UP–PGH or PGH, is a tertiary state-owned hospital administered and operated by the University of the Philippines Manila.

How many Level 2 hospitals are there in the Philippines?

There were a total of 292 level-2 hospitals across the country.

Number of level 2 hospitals in the Philippines as of February 2021, by region.

Characteristic Number of hospitals