Quick Answer: What was the transmigration policy created by the Government of Indonesia?

The transmigration program (Indonesian: Transmigrasi, from Dutch, transmigratie) was an initiative of the Dutch colonial government and later continued by the Indonesian government to move landless people from densely populated areas of Indonesia to less populous areas of the country.

What was Indonesia’s transmigration policy and when did it start?

In 1905 the first government-sponsored migration scheme was initiated by the Dutch colonial government which termed it a “colonization” program. After independence the government of Indonesia developed its own “colonization program” but called it “transmigration.”

When did transmigration start in Indonesia?

Transmigration was born in 1905 in Lampung, with the arrivai of the first settlers in the vicinity of Gedong Tataan, in Bagelen, as part of the Kolonisatie Programme launched by the colonial government.

What is the importance of transmigration in Southeast Asia?

The main aims of transmigration where: To create a balanced demographic spread by easing population density in Java, Bali & Madura and increasing the density in less developed areas. To eliminate poverty by providing land for the landless. To exploit the outer islands of Indonesia.

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What is transmigration in human geography?

In a geographical context, transmigration refers to the mass movement of a human population from one location to another and is specifically…

What is the meaning of transmigration?

: to cause to go from one state of existence or place to another. intransitive verb. 1 of the soul : to pass at death from one body or being to another. 2 : migrate. Other Words from transmigrate Example Sentences Learn More About transmigrate.

What is transmigration in pathology?

(trans’mī-grā’shŭn), Movement from one site to another; may entail the crossing of some usually limiting barrier, as in the passage of blood cells through the walls of the vessels (diapedesis).

What is the other term for transmigration?

In this page you can discover 13 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for transmigration, like: metempsychosis, avatar, exodus, trek, pilgrimage, movement, rebirth, emigration, reincarnation, immigration and migration.

What is the difference between transmigration and reincarnation?

DarkShadowBlaze Transmigration is if a soul from another world goes and enters the body of an already existing individual from the world he is transferred to. Reincarnation is when one dies, and is reborn anew from birth onward.

Is transmigration of soul possible?

The cycle of rebirth is eternal unless the soul is released by knowledge or arduous effort (see yoga). … This release (moksha or mukti) is a form of salvation, and is possible only for the most devout. Buddhist doctrine does not accept the soul or transmigration as such, treating both as illusory.

What is Diapedesis in immunology?

Transmigration, or diapedesis, is the process by which T lymphocytes migrate across venular blood vessel walls to enter various tissues and organs.

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What region has the highest NIR?

NIR is highest in Sub-Saharan Africa & lowest in Eastern Europe.

Why do Demographers use population pyramids?

A Population Pyramid is a graph that shows the age-sex distribution of a given population. … Demographers use population pyramids to see population trends in the past, examine the current resident profile, and also to project how the population will increase/decrease in the future.

What is hearth in human geography?

Hearth: The region from which innovative ideas originate. This relates to the important concept of the spreading of ideas from one area to another (diffusion).