Quick Answer: What is a Thai word which means?

What is the meaning of the word Thai ‘?

Definition of Thai

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : tai sense 2. 2a : a native or inhabitant of Thailand. b : one who is descended from a Thai. 3 : the official language of Thailand.

What is the meaning of NS in Thailand?

in Thai language: «อ s» ns: อ s. Those Ns just keep coming.

What does 555 in Thailand mean?

So, if you’ve ever been wondering what 555 means in Thailand, here it is: Writing 555 is the same as using hahaha or lol in your message. Yup, it is that simple. Next time you see it you’ll know they are joking around, having a laugh, or thought what they wrote is funny (don’t we all).

What is the Thai word for girl?

The Thai translation for “female” is หญิง.

Which is correct Thai or Thailander?

As nouns the difference between thai and thailander

is that thai is thai person while thailander is thai ((male or female) man from thailand).

Is Thai an English word?

the language of Thailand, a member of the Tai group of languages. … adjective. of or relating to Thailand, its people, or their language; Siamese.

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What does Na Ka mean in Thai?

It is a politeness particle. It can mean “please” or “ “thank you” but the exact meaning goes from the situation(context). You can be sure someone is very polite when using “na ka”.

What does Sawadee ka mean in Thai?

1. Sawadee krap/ka: Hello. A cheery greeting can go a long way in the Land of Smiles. Sawadee krap/ka will often be met with a huge grin! You can use the same phrase to bid someone goodbye too.

What does Su Su Na mean Thai?

Thai Entertainment Portal

สู้ means to fight, it is similar when you are saying “Fight! Don’t give up!” When you want to cheer someone up you can say.. สู้ๆนะครับ -> Susu na khrap (male speaker) สู้ๆนะคะ -> Susu na kha (female speaker)

What does 55555 mean in Thai?

Simply put, 55555 in Thailand is just the Thai version of hahahaha. This is because the Thai word for five is ha (ห้า), and instead of typing the more cumbersome hahahahaha, Thais simply press their finger on the 5 key on the keyboard to imply laughter.

What does the number 333 mean?

Angel number 333 is a sign of significant growth in a positive direction, so have confidence in yourself moving forward that this is the best time to focus on thinking positively. … In fact, this number is a sign of balance, and it’s ok to laugh, let your hair down, be in the present moment, and have a little more fun!

Why do Thai have nicknames?

Nicknames are cultural traditions in Thailand. The practice goes back to the Sukhothai era, when babies were commonly named according to their birth order. … In later times, babies were given two names to confuse malevolent spirits who may want to steal the baby away or interfere with the person’s life.

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How do you say boy in Thai?

The Thai translation for “man; boy” is ผู้ชาย. The Thai, ผู้ชาย, can be broken down into 2 parts:”person; human” (ผู้) and “male” (ชาย).