Quick Answer: What can I substitute for bean sprouts in pad thai?

What can I use instead of bean sprouts in pad thai?

If bean sprouts are a problem for your family, substitute an equal amount of thinly sliced bok choy. It won?t look quite the same but it adds a similar textural component. Tamarind gives the best flavour to the sauce but is often hard to find.

What is a good substitute for sprouts?

4 Alternatives To Raw Sprouts

  • Lentils. Sprouted lentils are delicious and crunchy. …
  • Cabbage. Don’t think that cabbage is only for slaw. …
  • Broccoli stems. If you throw away your broccoli stems, you are missing out on a crunchy addition to your sandwiches! …
  • Carrots. How about carrots?

What can I use instead of mung bean sprouts?

Yes, you can grow soybean sprouts to replace your mung bean sprouts and still the same texture and crunch. Soybean or soya beans are a part of the legume family, native to the eastern countries of Asia. These sprouts are best cooked in stir fry dishes, and its flavor is stronger compared to mung bean sprouts.

What can I use instead of bean sprouts in pho?

It is quite hard to experiment with a dish as steeped in tradition as pho, but if you want to make your own pho at home and if you do not have bean sprouts available, you can probably substitute other kinds of sprouts. Sunflower sprouts, for instance, are just as sweet and crunchy as bean sprouts.

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Can I substitute lentils for mung beans?

In all honesty, mung beans are rarely used in my kitchen, as I tend to stick to lentils and split peas. … These hulled beans can be used as a substitute for lentils. When I do use them, I prefer a sprouted version using dried mung beans, making an excellent base for sprouts and ready to eat in just a few days.

Are bamboo shoots same as bean sprouts?

Common shoots include bamboo and pea vines. Nutrients in shoots and sprouts vary by plant and maturity. Juvenile bamboo shoots contain more vitamins and minerals but less fiber than older shoots. Bean sprouts are more energy dense than seed sprouts and provide more protein.

Can I use alfalfa sprouts instead of bean sprouts?

The difference between alfalfa sprouts and bean sprouts is that alfalfa sprouts are thinner, less crunchy, and more delicate compared to thicker bean sprouts which are more crunchy and toasty. Alfalfa sprouts, apart from being consumed by humans, are also consumed by livestock and are costlier than bean sprouts.

Can you use any beans for bean sprouts?

You can start growing sprouts in a mason jar or a cotton bag. Once you’ve learned how to grow bean sprouts, you’ll be able to sprout a variety of different beans, all winter long. They are crunchy, nutritious, and rich in antioxidants. (You might also want to try growing microgreens, like these sunflower sprouts.)

What is the difference between mung beans and bean sprouts?

Mung bean is an excellent source of protein and it has 685% more protein than bean sprout – bean sprout has 3g of protein per 100 grams and mung bean has 23.9g of protein.

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What can I substitute for alfalfa sprouts?

If you don’t have alfalfa sprouts there are several good substitutes:

  • You can use Mung Bean sprouts which are larger and typically one of the easiest sprouts you can find.
  • OR – Lentil sprouts are also very flavorful.
  • OR – Alternate with radish sprouts which have a nice peppery flavor.