Is Facebook popular in Vietnam?

Vietnam was among the countries with the highest number of social media users worldwide. Tech giant Facebook Inc. dominates the social media landscape in the country, as its platforms Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram account for three out of the five.

Do Vietnamese use Facebook?

In 2021, Facebook’s user base in Vietnam amounts to approximately 65.56 million users. The number of Facebook users in Vietnam is projected to increase to 63.90 million users by 2025.

Which social media is popular in Vietnam?

The top 5 most-used social media platforms in Vietnam are Facebook (90%), YouTube (89%), Zalo (74%), FB Messenger (74%) and Instagram (46%). Insight: Zalo is a Vietnam local social media platform which is the third in the most-used social media platforms in Vietnam.

Why do Vietnamese people use Facebook?

Multi-screening behaviour is the new normal. 16 minutes of an hour spent on TV are simultaneously spent on Facebook, and people use this time to check out brands as well as keep in touch with friends and family on Facebook. Facebook is an ‘always on’ platform for both communication and discovery in Vietnam.

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Is Instagram big in Vietnam?

Instagram attracts more than nine million Vietnamese users a day.

Does Vietnam use WeChat?

Viber (> 8 million users); Zalo (7 million users); Line (n.a users); WeChat are most commonly used social apps in Vietnam.

Do Vietnamese use twitter?

Although social media like Facebook and Twitter are growing in Vietnam in a way they’re not in neighboring China, it’s worth noting that the two are not doing equally well in Vietnam: Facebook is loved in Vietnam while Twitter is ignored.

How popular is TikTok in Vietnam?

In 2021, TikTok’s user base in Vietnam amounts to approximately 16.69 million users. The number of TikTok users in Vietnam is projected to increase to 17.42 million users by 2025.

Is Twitter popular in Vietnam?

This statistic shows a forecast of the number of active Twitter users in Vietnam from 2014 to 2019. In 2019, the number of active Twitter users is projected to reach 7.3 million, up from 4 million in 2014.

Does Vietnam use WhatsApp?

Most of the apps on your phone will still be useful in Vietnam, and there is no need to download a VPN. Popular apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Uber will all work (although you can Uber a motorcycle as well as a car!) You can also use Google Translate and Maps to get around and speak to locals!

What is ZALO Vietnam?

Zalo is an instant messaging app and is among the leading social media platforms in Vietnam. The app was launched in 2012 by VNG Corporation, one of the most successful tech start-ups in the country.

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Is Linkedin popular in Vietnam?

There were 3 087 500 Linkedin users in Viet Nam in October 2019, which accounted for 3.1% of its entire population. People aged 25 to 34 were the largest user group (1 700 000).

What is ZALO for?

Owned by Vietnamese tech firm VNG Corporation, Zalo began operating in 2012 as an Internet application for calling and texting, though tied to personal phone numbers. Zalo’s functions later expanded to include personal profiles and the uploading of images and videos.

What are the most popular social media sites in your country?

Top 4 Most popular social media platforms in Vietnam:

  • Facebook.
  • Zalo.
  • TikTok.
  • Instagram.

Is ZALO social media?

Zalo is the second largest social network in Vietnam and it belongs to the largest internet firm. … Zalo is the second largest ‘social network’ in Vietnam, after Facebook, according to the Ministry of Information and Communication (MIC). Zalo is on the path to become a ‘super app’.

Do Vietnamese use Instagram?

In a population of about 96 million, there are 64 million Vietnamese are online, which adds up to a remarkable Internet penetration rate of 67%. … There are many types of social media that are being used by the Vietnamese, but the most common sites are Zalo, Facebook, and Instagram.