Is Ezbuy Singapore reliable?

Ezbuy Online Shopping Singapore has a consumer rating of 1.27 stars from 15 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases.

Can ezbuy be trusted?

Ezbuy is not trustworthy. I strongly discourage you to even try their service. They have cheated on our parcel and refuse to come forward with an explaination. A company that can accept fault signature on delivery practice and still hiding behind email is definely NOT acceptable.

Does ezbuy ship to Singapore?

 Ezbuy provides the lowest shipping fee for shipping from USA to Singapore. With no base charge, no fuel charge, no hidden cost, shipping fee is just S$3.99/500g.

Who owns ezbuy Singapore?

Following news of their US$17.6 million Pre-Series C funding in May this year, Wendy Liu, co-founder and CEO of ezbuy, shares about her journey so far as an entrepreneur and a pioneer in e-commerce in Singapore.

What is ezbuy SG?

ezbuy Online Shopping Singapore – Fashion, Beauty, Furniture, Toys & More.

Is ezbuy Safe 2019?

Scam Bike from Ezbuy

Our conclusion: AVOID USING EZBUY. … However, the gift pack turned out to be a scam and did not materialize.

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Is ezbuy or Taobao cheaper?

Hence, the shipping prices for both ezbuy and ezShip became cheaper than Taobao. During usual times without the promotions, ezShip would have been more expensive than Taobao, and ezbuy would have been only S$2.29 cheaper than Taobao.

Is ezbuy same as Taobao?

It’s a product anyone could use. We selected a brand-less one from Taobao, and we copied the link from Taobao and used that link to search for the same item on ezbuy. Now, right off the bat, you’ll notice one key thing: It’s the same item, with both prices in Chinese Yuan exactly the same.

Which warehouse should I choose for ezbuy?

For heavy or bulky items, ezbuy recommends shipping your order to their Guangzhou warehouse. The shipping rate from the Guangzhou warehouse starts from $0.36 per 500g (for parcels above 160kg), which is lower than the shipping rate from the Shanghai warehouse ($0.45 per 500g).

What happened to Ezbuy?

Shortly after its Series C funding, US-listed Chinese online retailer LightInTheBox acquired Ezbuy for nearly US$86 million (S$116.63 million). Founded in 2007, LightInTheBox sources products directly from China-based manufacturers and sells them to online buyers around the globe.

What country is Ezbuy from?

Founded in 2010, ezbuy is Singapore’s largest global online shopping platform and leader in cross-border e-commerce in Southeast Asia. ezbuy is dedicated towards service excellence, leveraging on technology to provide consumers with fast, convenient and cost-saving online shopping experience.

How do I redeem my Ezbuy points?

ezbuy credits can be used to offset service fee for ezShop service. 100 credits are equivalent to $1.00. Credits are used at 500, 1000, 2000, 3000 each time, if the service fee offset is less than the equivalent amount, the balance credits will not be refunded.

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Should I repack ezShip?

Unlike ezShop repacking, ezShip repacking will not enhance the protection of your parcel during shipment, but only reduce the packaging to save international shipping fee.

What is Ezbuy insurance fee?

The insurance cost (cap $60) is 3% of the total value of the product payment . The compensation includes: Full amount of item cost. International shipping fee and service fee.

Can I cancel my Ezbuy order?

You may request to cancel your order without any repercussions if your order has not reached our warehouse. If we have received your order, you will be held liable for any fees incurred as a result of your request for cancellation.