How much is the debt of the Philippines 2016?

What was the total debt in 2016?

The ratio is higher if the total national debt is used, by adding the “intragovernmental debt” to the “debt held by the public.” For example, on April 29, 2016, debt held by the public was approximately $13.84 trillion or about 76% of GDP.

How much is the debt of each Filipino?

Press Release – Lacson: Each Filipino Now P120,000 in Debt. MEXICO, Pampanga – Each Filipino, even those just born today, is already in debt by at least a whopping P120,000 even as the national debt has reached P11. 92 trillion as of end-September, Sen.

How much debt does Philippines have 2021?

Through the first three quarters of 2021, government debt has increased again to 11.9 trillion pesos. Even without knowing the final numbers for 2021, the government is planning to borrow yet another 7.5 percent of GDP in 2022 to finance public expenditures.

What country has the highest debt?

Japan, with its population of 127,185,332, has the highest national debt in the world at 234.18% of its GDP, followed by Greece at 181.78%. Japan’s national debt currently sits at ¥1,028 trillion ($9.087 trillion USD).

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What is the national debt in 2021?

The U.S. national debt was over $28 trillion in 2021. The debt-to-GDP ratio gives insight into whether the U.S. has the ability to cover all of its debt. Recessions, defense budget growth, and tax cuts have all caused the national debt-to-GDP ratio to rise to record levels.

How much does the Philippines owe the USA?

In 2020, the national debt of the Philippines amounted to around 184.03 billion U.S. dollars.

Philippines: National debt from 2016 to 2026 (in billion U.S. dollars)

Characteristic National debt in billion U.S. dollars

How many population does Philippines have?

The current population of the Philippines is 111,687,507 as of Monday, December 13, 2021, based on Worldometer elaboration of the latest United Nations data. the Philippines 2020 population is estimated at 109,581,078 people at mid year according to UN data.

What rank is the Philippines in debt?

The position of Philippines, as compared with the rest of the world, has worsened in 2020 in terms of GDP percentage. Currently it is country number 88 in the list of debt to GDP and 70 in debt per capita, out of the 190 we publish.

How much is the debt of the Philippines in World Bank 2021?

2 billion foreign debt during the period was $4.1 billion, up 4.3 percent from the $97 billion at the end of March 2021.

How much is Indonesia’s debt?

In 2020, the national debt of Indonesia amounted to around 393.09 billion U.S. dollars.

Indonesia: National debt from 2016 to 2026 (in billion U.S. dollars)

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Characteristic National debt in billion U.S. dollars
2019 336.54
2018 313.96
2017 277.83
2016 241.12

What country has no debt?

Brunei is one of the countries with the lowest debt. It has a debt to GDP ratio of 2.46 percent among a population of 439,000 people, which makes it the world’s country with the lowest debt. Brunei is a very small country located in southeast Asia.

Which country has the lowest debt?

In 2020, Russia’s estimated level of national debt reached about 19.28 percent of the GDP, ranking 14th of the countries with the lowest national debt.

The 20 countries with the lowest national debt in 2020 in relation to gross domestic product (GDP)

Characteristic National debt in relation to GDP
Tuvalu 7.29%

What happens if a country doesn’t pay its debt?

When a company fails to repay its debt, creditors file bankruptcy in the court of that country. The court then presides over the matter, and usually, the assets of the company are liquidated to pay off the creditors. However, when a country defaults, the lenders do not have any international court to go to.