How many SIM cards can a person have in Singapore?

Each customer may register only up to 3 Prepaid SIM cards across all service providers in Singapore. Please ensure that you have not exceeded the limit prior to purchase.

How many prepaid SIM Can I have Singapore?

The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) and Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) first introduced regulatory controls on prepaid SIM cards in 2005. Under the current regime, a subscriber must be at least 15 years old, and can subscribe to up to a maximum of 10 prepaid SIM cards.

How many SIM cards can you own?

As per the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), a person can take up to 18 new SIM cards submitting their Aadhaar number. The government, however, allowed 9 SIM cards for normal phone communication and the remaining 9 SIM cards can be used for M2M communication.

How many SIM can you have on one ID?

It has raised the number by 18, which includes 9 SIMs that can be used for normal mobile communications and the rest 9 for M2M (Machine to Machine) communications. According to the guidelines for complete subscriber verification, it is the responsibility of the device maker to preinstall M2M.

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How many SIM can be registered in my name?

The website states that a person can hold not more than nine multiple connections in his/her name.

How many prepaid numbers can I have?

More than 5 mobile services

If you are purchasing or activating a service you will need to show more identification if you have more than 5 prepaid mobile services activated. You will need to provide: 2 documents from category A. 1 document from category A plus 2 different documents from category B.

Can you buy a SIM card for someone else?

At both the AT&T and T-Mobile stores I visited, the SIM card and activation were free. This isn’t always the case, however, so definitely check before committing. You’ll also pay sales tax on top of the quoted price. This ranges from nothing to nearly 10%, depending on which state you’re in at the time.

Can I have multiple SIM cards?

Both SIM cards need to have unique numbers so it is NOT possible to have dual sim cards with the same number. This is because your number is linked to one unique SIM card and cannot be divided at the moment. But they may be used at the same time in a dual-active setting.

How many mobile numbers can one person have?

According to the rules and regulations of the Department of Telecommunications, a single citizen can have up to 9 mobile numbers connected to a single Aadhaar card.

Can I have 2 Airtel SIMs?

Airtel’s Rs 1599 postpaid plan also comes with 1 year subscription to Amazon Prime, 3 months Netflix time, and Zee5. This scheme offers as many as two SIM cards to two users.

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How do I find out how many mobile numbers I have in my name?

Steps to check total registered mobile numbers on your name

  1. Open website on your smartphone/ tablet/ computer.
  2. Enter 10 digit mobile number.
  3. An OTP will be received on your number.
  4. Enter the specific OTP and validate.
  5. A complete list of numbers will pop-up on your screen.

Can I know how many SIM are registered on my Aadhar card?

Step-by-Step Guide to Check How Many Mobile Numbers are Registered with Aadhaar Card – Go to Telecom Analytics for Fraud Management and Consumer Protection portal website … Then, all the numbers linked to your Aadhaar number will be displayed on the website.

How do I check if a number is registered on my ID card?

To check the numbers associated with your identification document, simply: Dial *106#. Select 1: Check my numbers.

This USSD menu should allow users to:

  1. Check their numbers alongside the credentials used to register it.
  2. Report unknown numbers associated with their ID.
  3. Cancel any reported numbers.

How many SIM can a person buy in India?

Only 9 SIM Cards for an individual is allowed in India and having more than 9 SIM cards may cause you in trouble. The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has directed to telecom companies to disconnect the services of subscribers who have more than nine SIM cards in their names.