How do I redeem Velocity Points on Singapore Airlines?

Select PPS Club/KrisFlyer from the top navigation, and then “Other ways to redeem miles”. Once loaded, find and select “Velocity” from the bottom of the page, and then “Convert your KrisFlyer miles to Velocity Points”.

Can Velocity points be used on Singapore Airlines?

As part of our new partnership with Singapore Airlines, we’re pleased to announce that from today you can earn and redeem Velocity Points and earn Status Credits on flights operated by Singapore Airlines*. … Gold and Platinum Velocity members receive additional Status benefits, find out more.

Can I use my Virgin air miles with Singapore Airlines?

Award redemptions for partner airlines can be done via KrisFlyer Membership Services and will be available for redemption on progressively. These include Alaska Airlines, Vistara, Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Australia and Juneyao Airlines.

What points can be transferred to Singapore Airlines?

Singapore Airlines partners with all 4 transferable points programs (American Express, Chase, Citi, Marriott Bonvoy) so earning KrisFlyer miles is a breeze. Beyond credit cards, there are plenty of other ways to earn KrisFlyer miles fast to help you top off your account.

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Where can I transfer my velocity points to?

Select from the list of supporting partners to learn how to transfer reward points you have with them, to Velocity.

  • American Express. …
  • ANZ and ANZ Business Reward. …
  • Commonwealth Bank. …
  • NAB. …
  • Westpac. …
  • Citi. …
  • St George. …
  • Bank of Melbourne.

Can I transfer my velocity points to someone else?

Simply log in to Your Account and click on the ‘Points Transfer’ button on the left hand side of your screen. Then, simply ensure your transfer is to an eligible family member and is a minimum of 5,000 Points, but no more than 100,000 Points.

How do I redeem First Class on Singapore Airlines?

Singapore only allows Suites and first class to be booked through their own KrisFlyer program.

  1. Visit the Singapore Airlines website.
  2. Choose “Redeem Flights”
  3. Choose your travel dates and your desired route.
  4. Choose “First” as the cabin.
  5. Click “Search”
  6. Choose your flight.

Can I use KrisFlyer points on Air NZ?

You can redeem award flights with your KrisFlyer points on an Air New Zealand flight online via either the or the Singapore Airlines app.

Does Singapore Airlines own Virgin Atlantic?

Singapore Airlines bought its 49% stake in Virgin Atlantic in 1999 for £600m, but in October it bought a 10% stake in Branson’s Virgin Australia carrier for $108.5m (£71m). … Most of the people we talked to are keen to have Virgin as part of their alliance.

Which credit card is best for Singapore Airlines?

10 best Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer credit card sign-up offers

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Credit card Bonus KrisFlyer miles Annual fee
ANZ Rewards Black 60,000 $0 (yr1), $375 (yr2-)
Citi Premier Card 52,000 $150 (yr1), $300 (yr2-)
Westpac Altitude Black Mastercard 60,000 $99 (yr1), $250 (yr2-)
Westpac Altitude Platinum Mastercard 43,333 $49 (yr1), $150 (yr2-)

How do I earn KrisFlyer points?

Stay. Rent. Call. Shop. You don’t have to fly to earn miles.

  1. Earn with co-brand cards.
  2. Earn with financial service partners.
  3. Earn with ground transport partners.
  4. Earn with hotels and serviced residences.
  5. Earn with retail partners.
  6. Earn with other KrisFlyer partners.
  7. Earn with Kris+ partners.

What are elite miles Singapore Airlines?

Elite miles are derived from the actual miles flown, plus any applicable booking class bonuses earned on tickets that are eligible to earn miles. Elite miles cannot be used for award flights, upgrade awards or purchase of airfares. … From 1 January 2021, you can also earn Elite miles when you fly on Scoot.

Can you transfer velocity points back to Flybuys?

Can I transfer my Velocity Points to Flybuys? Velocity Points cannot be transferred to Flybuys. For ways to redeem your Velocity Points visit the Redeem Velocity Points page. All members of our Flybuys household are Velocity Frequent Flyer members.

Do Velocity points expire?

Velocity Frequent Flyer

Velocity Points expire after 24 months of balance inactivity.