Frequent question: How tall are the supertrees in Singapore?

How high are the Supertrees?

Varying in height between 25 and 50 meters, each supertree features tropical flowers and various ferns climbing across its steel framework.

How tall is the Supertree Grove?

Supertree Grove

Supertrees are the 18 tree-like structures that dominate the Gardens’ landscape with heights that range between 25 metres (82 ft) and 50 metres (160 ft).

How many Supertrees are there in Garden by the Bay?

There are 18 Supertrees in all at Gardens by the Bay, 12 here at the Supertree Grove.

When were Singapore Supertrees built?

Since the gardens opened to the public in 2012, the Supertrees have drawn millions of visitors to the intersection of realism and fantasy, nature and the built environment. 1.

How many supertrees are there in Singapore?

Stand in awe of

Come face to face with 12 of the Gardens’ 18 Supertrees at the Supertree Grove! Rising up to 50 metres above ground, these iconic giants provide shade in the day and come alive with an exhilarating light and musical show at night.

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What makes the supertrees unique in Singapore?

Magnificent solar-powered ‘supertrees’ are the highlight of Singapore’s new 250-acre eco-tourism project. … The trees feature photovoltaic cells to harvest solar energy to power the eco-park and they also act as air exhausts for the Energy Centre and Cooled Conservatories.

How tall is Gardens by the Bay?

These vertical gardens span 25 to 50 metres in height, with two of the towering structures connected by the dramatic arch of the OCBC Skyway. When dusk falls, the grove lights up with the Garden Rhapsody, a spectacle of light and sound.

How many supertrees are found in the Supertree Grove?

There are a total of 18 Supertrees, 12 of them being situated in the Supertree Grove, with the remaining 6 being located in two clusters at the Golden Garden and Silver Garden (near Dragonfly Lake).

What’s so special about Gardens by the Bay?

A national garden and premier horticultural attraction for local and international visitors, Gardens by the Bay is a showpiece of horticulture and garden artistry that presents the plant kingdom in a whole new way, entertaining while educating visitors with plants seldom seen in this part of the world, ranging from …

What time do the supertrees light up?

Returning with 2 daily light & sound shows, come and be dazzled by the magnificent sight of our Supertrees and let the music and lights entertain you every night at 7.45pm and 8.45pm.

Who designed the supertrees in Singapore?

Supertrees facts:

Designed by Grant Associates the Supertrees are vertical gardens ranging from 25 to 50 metres in height (equivalent to 9 to 16 storeys) housing tropical flowering climbers, epiphytes and ferns.

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What are supertrees made of?

SuperTrees are made up of an organic material found in the arctic tundra of Scandinavia, distantly related to North American Sagebrush. Their size and branch structure are perfectly scaled to replicate “full size” trees in either HO or N scale. They are picked, and dried out before being packaged for sale.

How big is Singapore?

What are the trees in Singapore? Here’s a quick guide to 10 types of trees that you can see while you’re out on a run in Singapore. They are Rain Tree, Angsana, Yellow Flame, Senegal Mahogany, Broad-leafed Mahogany, Tembusu, Sea Apple, Saga, Trumpet Tree and Sea Almond.

What is so special about Marina Bay Sands?

This iconic integrated resort boasts luxury accommodations, upscale shopping and an infinity pool with unparalleled views of the city. The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands® houses a delightful collection of luxury boutiques, restaurants and a 2155-seat theatre. …