Frequent question: How big is Yangon International Airport?

What is the biggest airport in Myanmar?

Then there’s Mandalay International Airport, which is Myanmar’s biggest, putting travelers closer to the country’s most beloved tourist stops. Yangon International Airport, located far to the south, is older but has better international connections than its northern rival.

How many airports are there in Yangon?

Burma, officially the Union of Burma (now The Republic of the Union of Myanmar), has 25 operating airports with commercial flights.


Location served International airports Yangon (Rangoon)
Region/State Yangon Region
Airport name Yangon International Airport

How many airports are there in Myanmar?

Myanmar has three international airports and 30 domestic airports (as well as 36 inactive airfields), serving 28 foreign air operators and nine domestic.

What is the population of Yangon?

The current metro area population of Yangon in 2021 is 5,422,000, a 1.69% increase from 2020. The metro area population of Yangon in 2020 was 5,332,000, a 1.68% increase from 2019. The metro area population of Yangon in 2019 was 5,244,000, a 1.69% increase from 2018.

Where is Yangon located in the world?

Yangon is located in the southern part of the country on the east bank of the Yangon, or Hlaing, River (eastern mouth of the Irrawaddy River), 25 miles (40 km) north of the Gulf of Martaban of the Andaman Sea. Yangon is the largest city in Myanmar and the industrial and commercial centre of the country.

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Which is capital of Myanmar?

Originally built in 1947, the airport is owned by the Myanmar Government and operated by Yangon Aerodrome Company Limited (YACL).

Where is Yangon port?

The Port of Yangon is the largest city of Myanmar (formerly known as Burma), and it was the country’s capital from 1948 to 2006. Located on the central coastline on the banks of the Yangon River, it is 40 kilometers upriver from the Gulf of Martaban off the Andaman Sea.

How far is Yangon from airport?

Using Myanmar Distance Between Airports & Flight Time Calculator

Distance From Airport Distance To Airport Distance (km)
Yangon International Airport, Yangon RGN Kyaukpyu Airport, Kyaukpyu KYP 392.17
Sittwe Airport, Sittwe AKY Thandwe Airport, Thandwe SNW 238.75
Tachileik Airport, Tachileik THL Kengtung Airport, Kengtung KET 96.1

Does Yangon airport have WiFI?

Airport WiFi/Internet

Free WiFi is available for up to 30 minutes. Connect to the “WiFI@YIA” network in Terminal 1 or the “WiFI@YIAT3” network in Terminal 3.

What is the name of Bhutan airport?

Paro International Airport (PBH) Paro. The only airport of Bhutan, Paro Airport ( PBH ) is situated in the Paro Valley at an elevation of 2,235 metre. Set on the bank of Paro River, amidst lofty peaks, Paro Airport is considered among the world’s most challenging airports and offers limited flight services.

Is Myanmar a poor country?

The economy of Myanmar has a nominal GDP of USD $76.09 billion in 2019 and an estimated purchasing power adjusted GDP of USD $327.629 billion in 2017 according to the World Bank. … This would make Myanmar one of the poorest countries in Southeast Asia.

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How expensive is Myanmar?

How Much Does it Cost To Travel In Myanmar?

Costs To Travel In Myanmar Kyat US Dollars
Accommodation 187000 $136.00
Food 87250 $64.30
Total Costs 465650 $341.95
Costs per day 35819 $26.30

Is it safe in Myanmar?

In all the areas that foreigners are allowed to visit, Myanmar is very safe in terms of personal security: incidents of crime against foreigners are extremely low and Yangon is considered to be one of Asia’s safest large cities, with no areas that need to be avoided.