Does McDonalds delivery accept credit cards Philippines?

GREAT NEWS! McDelivery™ now accepts card payments! From 5-31 July get FREE 1.5L 100PLUS when you purchase using your Credit or Debit cards! Download our McDelivery™ app and order today!

Can I pay McDonald’s with credit card?

Yes, McDonald’s does take credit cards. Ever since 2004, McDonald’s customers have been able to pay with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover credit cards at McDonald’s locations both in-store and in the drive-thru.

How do I change my payment method on Mcdonalds app Philippines?

How Do I Add or Remove a Payment Method?

  1. Open the “More” tab in the McDonald’s App.
  2. Go to Profile > Payment Methods.
  3. Add or remove your payment details and save.

How much is MCDO delivery fee Philippines?

A Php 49 delivery fee will be applied per address. 8. You can only choose (1) one food package for all your recipients.

Can I pay MCDO delivery using PayMaya?

McDonald’s branches across the country now accept payments for Mastercard and Visa credit, debit, and prepaid cards. They also have a QR code that you can scan and pay using your PayMaya app.

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What type of payments does mcdonalds take?

What forms of payment are accepted? You can register Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Payment cards registered must be issued by a U.S. bank. If you have an iOS device, and your card is registered to your Apple Wallet, Apple Pay will automatically display as a payment option within the McDonald’s App.

Does McDonald’s accept Google pay?

McDonald’s announced on Tuesday that it now accepts Softcard for NFC-based mobile payments on Android at its restaurants across the United States. … The fast food chain already accepts Google Wallet at McDonald’s locations where payment terminals support the MasterCard PayPass and Visa payWave contactless systems.

Can I pay online for MCDO delivery?

GREAT NEWS! McDelivery™ now accepts card payments! Download our McDelivery™ app and order today! …

Is MCDO accepting GCash?

Good news! We can now use GCash to pay for McDonalds Orders via their McDelivery App, McDelivery Online, and via the McDonalds App inside GLife!!!

Can you use PayPal at McDonalds?

Unfortunately, McDonald’s does not directly accept PayPal as a method of payment. However, McDonald’s does accept PayPal Prepaid and other PayPal debit or credit cards. … Other restaurants that accept Paypal include Burger King, Chick-fil-A, KFC, and Subway.

How can I order McDo in Philippines?

Step 1: Start a chat with @McDonald’s on Facebook Messenger. Once the “Order McDelivery” message pops up, tap “Select”. Step 2: Swipe right to browse menu. Tap “Select” on your chosen food item.

Does McDonald’s delivery accept Seniors Card?

Availment of senior citizen/PWD discount.

The 20% discount is currently only available for food purchases paid via cash on delivery. If you wish to avail of your senior citizen/PWD discount, you may call (02) 8888-6236 for assistance.

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Does Jollibee accept credit card for delivery?

You can either use credit or debit cards or pay via cash on delivery. Go to to get your Jollibee fix.

Does Jollibee accept credit cards Philippines?

You can pay by any of the following methods: Cash upon delivery. Cashless mode of payment on-site (credit card and/or debit card), subject to the condition that onsite credit card payment may not be available 24 hours. Cashless payment on-site will involve a redirection to a third-party payment gateway.

Can I use GCash in Jollibee Delivery?

You can now scan to pay for your favorite Jollibee meals using GCash QR!