Best answer: Why are Vietnamese places closed on Monday?

In areas with lower rents or fewer people, employing fewer people and closing one day per week might make sense. Mondays tend to be the slowest days, so they’re the obvious choice. This goes for all individually owned restaurants, by the way.

Why do Vietnamese close on Mondays?

Monday is the day with the lowest restaurant traffic because many people have leftovers or cook on the weekend for the week. So Monday is an ideal day to take a break from the crazy long hours of restaurant work. Because they are open on weekends, their busiest days. They take a day off on their slowest day.

Why do Vietnamese places close on Tuesday?

Most of the Asian restaurants I know are a family run business..they have to have one day off a week, right?? And a Monday or Tuesday would be the slowest days. +1. Many asian restaurants are family owned, and the owners/chefs/managers would be work open to close every day.

Why are so many places closed on Monday?

Originally Answered: Why is it common for restaurants to close on Mondays? Monday’s are typically the slowest day of the week. Closing on Monday means the owner and staff get at least one day off in a week, something that doesn’t always happen in a 7 day operation.

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Why are takeaways cash only?

Cash is far less of an inconvenience than credit cards. Cards can be declined, funds take several days to be posted to the restaurant’s bank account, and, most importantly, credit card companies charge the restaurant a fee (usually two to four percent) every time a transaction goes through.

Why are Thai restaurants closed on Monday?

In the case of family-owned businesses, especially the ethnic restaurants, family members are the ones doing most of the cooking. So they may close early in the week to keep the workweek down to a reasonable number of hours.

Why do Chinese restaurants have fish tanks?

So why are there fish tanks in Chinese restaurants? … According to Chinese culture and Feng Shui, fish symbolize fortune and water attracts good luck, money and wealth. Fish eyes are always open, and that shows the ability to see obstacles and evil. Most of these tanks are found at the entrance of Chinese restaurants.

What can cause a restaurant to close?

8 Most Common Reasons Restaurants Close Within the First Year.

  • A Terrible Location. You’ve heard it said: Location, location, location. …
  • Not Enough Capital to Operate. …
  • Bad Customer Service. …
  • Poorly Managed. …
  • Poor Marketing & Advertising Efforts. …
  • Ignoring or Evading Taxes. …
  • Not Properly Tracking Food Costs. …
  • In Conclusion.

Why do Chinese not take card?

Some chinese restaurant owners are thrifty and don’t want to pay the 3 to 5% credit card fees that are charged to the merchant. Many are family owned and run businesses and run on tight margins. Credit card fees come right out of their pockets.

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Can I have a cash only business?

But, can a business only accept cash? Yes, running a cash-only business is a viable option for entrepreneurs. There are no federal laws saying you must accept other payment methods from customers. Limiting customer payments to cash is common in some industries.

Do cash only businesses pay taxes?

Accounting for Cash Transactions

Every transaction in a business must be recorded, and all income, including cash income, must be reported to the IRS and taxes must be paid on that income. … These payments are business expenses and are deductible on your business tax return, but only if you have recorded them.