Best answer: Does CityMapper work in Singapore?

2 years on, and in present-day, Citymapper is my core transport app that I used in Singapore. The complete real-time information for all the various transportation are available in this one app, and the best of all, when it says a bus service is coming in x minutes, I know the bus will appear at that x time.

How many cities does Citymapper have?

Since launching in London in 2011, the company has rolled out its app in 41 cities, the most recent being Vienna in November 2019. Entering different cities isn’t as simple as just uploading new maps and translating the app.

How do I change my work location on Citymapper?

How do I switch to a different city? Tap on the text at the top of the home screen that says “Citymapper [city name]”. From there you can switch to a different city.

Does Citymapper work in us?

Citymapper has long been one of the best mobile navigation apps. Some, including myself, would say it’s even better than Google Maps. Now it’s available to more people in the United States.

Does Citymapper use Google Maps?

The information is basically the same between both apps, but it’s a little cleaner in Citymapper. … Again, Google Maps gives you access to the same basic information, but Citymapper is smarter about categorizing as many different routes as it can, all on one screen.

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Does Citymapper work in Dublin?

Citymapper, the fast-growing urban transport app, is to launch in Dublin this week. The app, which launched first in London and is active in 68 regions across the world, helps users navigate cities through its mapping software and by integrating public transport networks and other services such as bike sharing schemes.

Does Citymapper work in Budapest?

Happy to announce that we are now available in Budapest.

Can I use Citymapper offline?

You would think that internet access would work everywhere and be excellent by now.

Where does Citymapper get its data from?

We get live data comes from the transit agencies and do a lot of work in making it fast and reliable. Be grateful, your grandma probably had to wait for hours at the bus stop freezing, praying that one day you would have live data.

Is Citymapper club worth?

For the money alone it’s worth it, but the added benefits, combined with the new features in the pipeline make it a worthy addition to any Londoners wallet. If you live and commute into zones 1 and 2 everyday, the Citymapper pass is a must.

Does Citymapper work in London?

How do I order a Citymapper Pass? Pass is only available to London residents right now. Londoners can place an order in the latest version of the iOS or Android app by visiting the Pass tab from the homepage.

Does Citymapper work in France?

In short, it’s the best app for getting around Paris (and other major cities). …

Why is Citymapper so good?

Real-time updates

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Where you have a few different options for travelling (i.e. maybe a choice between a train, bus or walking), the app will provide real-time estimates of how long each option takes. So if your normally efficient bus ride is caught up in traffic, you can see if walking will be quicker.

Which map service is best?

1. Waze (iOS, Android) At a glance: a free app that uses reports from other drivers to warn you about traffic, police and hazards. While Google Maps relies on official data from transport agencies, it has a scrappier younger sibling called Waze.

How do Citymapper make money?

How does Citymapper make money? We have both consumer and enterprise business models. On the consumer side our business includes Pass (mobility subscription), Club (feature subscription), and Affiliate (promoting other private transport apps).