You asked: What does soriya mean in Khmer?

What does soriya mean?

The Soriya was the name given to the party from the mid-18th century that supported the successors of the war leader Ibrahim Sori in the Imamate of Futa Jallon in what is now Guinea. They contended with the clerical group, the Alfaya, who supported the successors of the jihad leader Karamoko Alfa.

What is a good Cambodian name for a girl?

Popular Baby Names , origin Cambodian

Name Meaning Origin
Chanthavy beautiful moon girl Cambodian
Chanthou flower Cambodian
Chantou flower Cambodian
Chantrea moon Cambodian

What does Nita mean in Khmer?

Midwife at Khmer-soviet Friendship Hospital.

What does Sok mean in Khmer?

the official language of Cambodia: She calls her home Sok Sabay, which means happiness in Khmer.

What is the first name of Cambodia?

Official names of Cambodia since independence

English Khmer Date
Democratic Kampuchea កម្ពុជាប្រជាធិបតេយ្យ 1975–1979
People’s Republic of Kampuchea សាធារណរដ្ឋប្រជាមានិតកម្ពុជា 1979–1989
State of Cambodia រដ្ឋកម្ពុជា 1989–1993
Kingdom of Cambodia ព្រះរាជាណាចក្រកម្ពុជា 1993–present

What is the meaning of Suraya in Urdu?

What is the meaning of Suraya ? Suraya is baby girl name mainly popular in Muslim religion and its main origin is Arabic. Suraya name meanings is Star. Suraya is written in Urdu, Hindi, Arabic, Bangla as سریا, सूर्य, سوريا, সুর্য.

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What language do Cambodians speak?

The Khmer language, the national language of Cambodia, is a member of the Mon-Khmer family of languages spoken over vast area of mainland South-East Asia.

What is the most common Cambodian last name?

Most Common Last Names In Cambodia

Rank Surname Incidence
1 Sok 227,594
2 Chan 219,516
3 Chea 217,800
4 San 212,054

Do Cambodian people have middle names?

The concept of a ‘middle name’ is not followed in Cambodia. Cambodian women generally do not change their name at marriage.

What does Pisey mean in Khmer?

Generally used as a male name, Pisey translates as little darling or beloved.

What does Sokha mean?

In Russia, Finland, and a few nearby countries, a sokha (Russian: соха, Lithuanian: žagrė) is a light wooden ard, consisting of two body ards, with their parallel beams forming the two shafts for a single horse-drawn tillage implement with two socket shares (рассоха).

What does Mao mean in Cambodian?

This character also means ‘thatched’ or ‘type of grass used in thatching’. Cambodian: unexplained.

What does Krong mean in Khmer?

krong (town): More than 10,000 citizens – or a provincial capital.

What is Cambodia’s national dish?

Samlor korkor. While amok is sometimes called the country’s national dish, and might be the one most familiar to tourists, samlor korkor has a better claim to being the true national dish of Cambodia. It has been eaten for hundreds of years and today can be found in restaurants, roadside stands and family homes alike.