Which Western Power had the most negative impact on its colonies in Southeast Asia?

What happened as a result of Muhammad Ali’s agriculture reform?

what do you think happened as a result of muhammad Ali’s agricultural reform? State ownership of land. Introduction of cotton as a crop.

How was Siam able to remain independent as its Southeast Asia neighbors were dominated by European powers?

what allowed europeans to access the interior of Africa? … how was siam able to remain independent as its Southeast Asia neighbors were dominated by European powers? they gave European powers what they wanted from siam. how did the United States deal with the Philippines after the spanish American war?

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What problems might result from rearranging groups of people without regard to ethnic or linguistic traditions?

What sort of problems might result from combining or splitting groups of people without regard for ethnic or linguistic traditions? *It can lead to wars because differences often generate hate because people aren’t tolerant of other beliefs.

What does the quotation in the history in depth on page 355 suggest about Joseph Chamberlain’s view of British imperialism in Africa?

What does the quotation in the History in a Depth on page 355 suggest about Joseph Chamberlain’s view of British imperialism in Africa? Joseph Chamberlain liked that Britain was taking over Egypt and therefore thought it would be best if he took over Africa too.

What changes took place in South East Asia as a result of colonial control?

Colonial Impact In Southeast Asia, colonization brought mixed results. Economies grew based on cash crops or goods that could be sold on the world mar- ket. Roads, harbors, and rail systems improved communication and transportation but mostly benefited European business.

What was Muhammad Ali’s agricultural reform?

In order to improve agricultural productivity, Ali imported pumps from Europe, turning the irrigation only during flood periods into perennial irrigation in the Nile Delta, and crops from one harvest a year to three harvests annually. Ali also introduced a number of new crop varieties .

What were some negative effects of imperialism in Southeast Asia?

Impact of Imperialism on Southeast Asia

Millions of people, from different ethnic groups, changed the racial makeup of Southeast Asia. Southeast Asia became a melting pot of Hindus, Muslims, Christians, and Buddhists. Racial and religious tension still exists today.

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Which Western countries were most active in seeking colonial possessions in Southeast Asia?

Great Britain, France, Spain, the Netherlands, and the United States were the imperialist countries that had colonies in Southeast Asia.

What Western colonial power strived in Southeast Asia?

Portugal was the first European power to establish a bridgehead in maritime Southeast Asia with the conquest of the Sultanate of Malacca in 1511. The Netherlands and Spain followed and soon superseded Portugal as the main European powers in the region.

Which region had the largest area affected by resistance quizlet?

which region had the largest area affected by resistance? Anglo-Egyptian Sudan.

Why were African resistance movements usually unsuccessful?

African resistance movements usually unsuccessful because of the Europeans’ superior arms. The contest between African states and European powers was never equal. … Guns and other weapons had already been invented, and the Europeans were far more advanced than the Africans were at this point in time.

Why did the Berlin conference fail at its mission?

Poverty and Political Instability

The new powers had no experience, and many had no idea how to properly govern, so they learned from trial and error. As a result, the new leaders made grievous mistakes that put Africa in debt, causing poverty and starvation that has remained until today.

What was an effect of the Berlin Conference of 1884 85 in Africa?

The conference contributed to ushering in a period of heightened colonial activity by European powers, which eliminated or overrode most existing forms of African autonomy and self-governance.

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Why were so many European countries interested in Africa could these European countries have gone elsewhere explain?

How did industrialization lead to imperialism? industrialization interested the Europeans- they saw Africa as a place to get resources for their own industrial ambitions, where nations could compete for new markets for their goods, and where they could get many raw materials.

What form did the British take under the Raj?

What form did British rule take under the Raj? Britain took direct rule under the Raj, direct governement policy anda British governor in India.