Quick Answer: What was Yankee Station in Vietnam?

Coordinates: 17°30′00″N 108°30′00″E Yankee Station (officially Point Yankee) was a fixed coordinate off the coast of Vietnam where U.S. Navy aircraft carriers and support ships loitered in open waters over a nine-year period during the Vietnam War.

Was Yankee Station in Vietnam territorial waters?

As an example, Yankee station was outside of the territorial seas of the Republic of Vietnam. Dixie Station, however, was on the border of the territorial seas.

How far was Yankee Station from Vietnam?

Carrier ship groups involved in bombing campaigns aimed at North Vietnam and Laos were often based at Yankee Station, which was about 100 miles offshore of South Vietnam due east of Dong Hoi in the Gulf of Tonkin.

Where was Yankee Station in the Vietnam War?

Yankee Station was a point in the Gulf of Tonkin off the coast of Vietnam used by the U.S. Navy aircraft carriers of Task Force 77 to launch strikes in the Vietnam War. While its official designation was “Point Yankee,” it was universally referred to as Yankee Station.

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Where was Dixie Station in Vietnam?

Dixie Station was a geographic position during the Vietnam War in the South China Sea off the Mekong Delta from which United States Navy aircraft carriers launched strikes providing close air support for American and Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN) ground troops in South Vietnam.

What percentage of Vietnam veterans actually saw combat?

Of the 2.6 million, between 1-1.6 million (40-60%) either fought in combat, provided close support or were at least fairly regularly exposed to enemy attack. 7,484 women (6,250 or 83.5% were nurses) served in Vietnam.

What is a blue water veteran?

The Blue Water Navy (BWN) Vietnam Veterans Act of 2019 (PL 116-23) extended the presumption of herbicide exposure, such as Agent Orange, to Veterans who served in the offshore waters of the Republic of Vietnam between Jan. 9, 1962 and May 7, 1975.

Did the Navy fight in Vietnam?

The U.S. Navy performed a wide array of missions in the Vietnam War. … The U.S. Navy also supported the war effort with a massive sea and riverine logistics operation, built and managed shore facilities throughout South Vietnam, and provided extensive medical support for the allied military operation.

Was the USS Hancock in Vietnam?

USS Hancock (CV/CVA-19) was one of 24 Essex-class aircraft carriers built during World War II for the United States Navy. … In her second career she operated exclusively in the Pacific, playing a prominent role in the Vietnam War, for which she earned a Navy Unit Commendation.

When did the Navy leave Vietnam?

Republic of Vietnam Navy

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Republic of Vietnam Navy Hải quân Việt Nam Cộng hòa
Founded 1952
Disbanded 1975
Country South Vietnam
Branch Navy

Was the USS Constellation in Vietnam waters?

The Veteran’s records indicate he served aboard the USS Constellation, which was in the waters off the coast of Vietnam from April 1968 to January 1969 and from September 1969 to May 1970.

What destroyers served in the Vietnam War?

The destroyer warship proved itself a flexible, robust component to Allied military actions in the Vietnam War.

  • 1967. HMAS Brisbane (D41) Guided Missile Destroyer.
  • 1959. HMAS Vampire (D11) …
  • 1956. USS Barry (DD-933) …
  • 1962. USS Buchanan (DDG-14) …
  • 1961. USS Lynde McCormick (DDG-8) …
  • 1945. USS O’Hare (DD-889) …
  • 1944. USS Stoddard (DD-566)

What carriers were in the Vietnam War?

The aircraft carrier proved crucial to the American air war of the Vietnam Conflict of the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s.

  • 1965. USS America (CV-66) …
  • 1944. USS Bon Homme Richard (CV-31) …
  • 1961. USS Constellation (CV-64) …
  • 1947. USS Coral Sea (CV-43) …
  • 1961. USS Enterprise (CVN-65) …
  • 1955. USS Forrestal (CV-59) …
  • 1945. USS Franklin D. …
  • 1944.