Is there a direct flight from Manila to Siem Reap?

How many hours travel from Manila to Siem Reap?

It takes about 3 hours 40 minutes to fly from Manila (MNL) to Siem Reap (REP).

Can I fly to Siem Reap?

Currently, there are no airlines that fly direct to Siem Reap. But we found flights with one or more stops from $885. … The cheapest month to fly to Siem Reap is usually January 2022.

What airlines fly direct to Philippines?

Currently, Philippine Airlines is the only airline that flies direct to Philippines.

What airlines fly to Siem Reap?

Siem Reap Airlines

Airline IATA Code Website
Bangkok Airways PG
Cambodia Airways KR
Cambodia Angkor Air K6
China Eastern Airlines MU

Is Siem Reap airport open?

The airport is fully open and has deployed health safety measures for its stakeholders.

Is Cambodia open for tourists now?

After results show they are free of Covid-19, they are allowed to travel across Cambodia.” Also, Siem Reap, which is the gateway tot he ruins of the beautiful Angkor Wat temple complex is also going to reopen sooner than January.

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What is the best airline to fly to the Philippines?

Top 5 Best Economy Airlines to the Philippines: Our Pick

  • Philippine Airlines. First up we have Philippine Airlines, the Heart of the Filipino. …
  • Cathay Pacific. Although now based in Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific originally began as a venture by an American and an Australian pilot in 1946. …
  • EVA Air. …
  • Korean Air. …
  • Asiana Airlines.

Can you transit through Manila coronavirus?

You cannot transit through the Philippines at this time. Transit restrictions have been implemented. Immediate connecting flights for international to international and international to domestic routes are not allowed. Only domestic to international and domestic to domestic routes are allowed at this time.

How many kilos allowed Philippine Airlines?

A single piece of checked baggage should weigh no more than 32kg (70lbs). Any baggage exceeding the 32kg weight limit must be repacked or will not be accepted for carriage.

What is the closest airport to Angkor Wat?

The nearest airport to Angkor Wat is Siem Reap (REP) Airport which is 5.4 km away.

Is Angkor Wat worth seeing?

Angkor Wat is definitely worth a visit even if you can only go for one day. The temple will not only inspire and amaze you, but it will also give you a sense of human history that you can only get from visiting historic monuments such as this one.

How many days should I spend in Siem Reap?

Re: How long to stay in Siem Reap? 3 – 4 days in Siem Reap would be enough. The common temple tour is one day, but if you want to explore the lost jungle temples such as Beng Mealea and Koh Keh, you will need another day.

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