How did the Portuguese build a trading empire in South and Southeast Asia?

How did Portugal build a trading empire in South and Southeast Asia? By seizing the island of Goa. How did the Dutch come to dominate trade in Southeast Asia? They built armies, rose war, negotiate peace treaties, and govern overseas territory.

How did Portugal build a trading empire with Asia?

How did Portugal build a trading empire in South and Southeast Asia? They seized the islands of Goa off the coast of India. … They dominated South Asia and the Portuguese were able to conquer other people. They would help defend and protect from other Europeans.

How did the Portuguese built a trade empire?


The Spanish and Portuguese were able to establish their large empires in Asia because they encountered virtually no resistance. … The Portuguese and Spanish established themselves by building forts and trading out of them. Goa remained in Portuguese hands until 1961.

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Why did the Portuguese create a trading empire?

The exploration and voyages taught European Mariners how to sail to almost any coastline in the world. Portuguese mariners built the earliest trading -post empire. They did not want to conquer territories, but to control trade routes by forcing merchant vessels to call at fortified trading sites and pay duties there.

How did the Portuguese and Dutch build trading empires in Asia?

How did the Portuguese and Dutch build empires in the East? – Portugal used firepower to win control of the rich Indian Ocean spice trade. -In less than 50 years, the Portuguese were not strong enough to conquer much territory on the land. How did Spain control the Philippines?

What did the Portuguese East India Company trade?

The Companhia was granted a monopoly on trade in coral, pepper, cinnamon, ebony and cowrie shells, and could be extended to other items upon request. It had full administrative & juridical privileges, including the right to keep all spoils from seizures of Dutch and English ships (after deducting the royal fifth).

What impact did the Portuguese have on trading posts in Asia?

Taking advantage of the rivalries that pitted Hindus against Muslims, the Portuguese established several forts and trading posts between 1500 and 1510. Portugal established trading ports at far-flung locations like Goa, Ormuz, Malacca, Kochi, the Maluku Islands, Macau, and Nagasaki.

Who built trading empires in Asia?

Portugal was one of the first countries to attempt to establish a monopoly over the lucrative spice trade with the East, and it founded a network of trading outposts in Asia. The Spanish, meanwhile, established control over the Philippines.

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Where did the Portuguese build trading forts Why did they build these forts and how did they help develop the Portuguese control of Indian Ocean trade?

They built forts at Cape Blanco, Sierra Leone and Elmina to protect their trading stations from rival European traders. In this way, the Portuguese diverted the trade in gold and slaves away from the trans-Saharan routes causing their decline and increased their own status as a powerful trading nation.

How did the Portuguese change maritime trade?

In conclusion, the Portuguese transformed and influenced the maritime trade system in the Indian Ocean by force. They took over trading cities, destroyed Muslim trade ships, and imposed taxes to get their way. Now the Portuguese are dominant in the region and are very wealthy.

What was the Portuguese trading post empire?

(Early 16th to Early 17th Century) First built by portuguese mariners. Instead of to control territory, Trading Post Empires were meant to control trade routes by forcing merchant vessels to pay duties at fortified trading sites.

How did the Portuguese change trade in the Indian Ocean?

“The Portuguese transformed maritime trade in Indian Ocean in the sixteenth century by taxing non-Portuguese ships that traded in the region.” (Responds to the prompt with a minimally acceptable claim that establishes a line of reasoning.)

How did the European nations build empires in South and Southeast Asia?

How did European nations build empires in South and Southeast Asia? They built strategic outposts to control the spice trade; established colonies; and with their wealth and power began to influence or even take over the local governments. … They perceived these empires as being stronger than their own forces.

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What types of goods did the Portuguese bring to trade with the Japanese?

The Japanese called them nanban (southern barbarians) because they sailed to Japan from the south. Portuguese merchants brought tin, lead, gold, silk, and wool and cotton textiles, among other goods, to Japan, which exported swords, lacquer ware, silk, and silver.