How did the French rule Indochina?

French Indochina was designated as a colonie d’exploitation (colony of economic exploitation) by the French government. Funding for the colonial government came by means of taxes on locals and the French government established a near monopoly on the trade of opium, salt and rice alcohol.

How was Indochina ruled?

Prelude – French conquest of Indochina

Later, the French forced the Emperor to place Cambodia under French protection. On June 18, 1867, the French seized the rest of Cochinchina and conquered the Mekong Delta and later Hanoi. By 1887, France controlled all of Indochina.

How were the French able to extend their control over all of Indochina?

They modernized the country by building railroads connecting the major cities. Of special pride to both the Vietnamese and the French was a railroad connecting the northern capital, Hanoi, to Saigon the largest city in South Vietnam.

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Why did the French take over Vietnam?

The decision to invade Vietnam was made by Napoleon III in July 1857. It was the result not only of missionary propaganda but also, after 1850, of the upsurge of French capitalism, which generated the need for overseas markets and the desire for a larger French share of the Asian territories conquered by the West.

What actions did France take to consolidate their position in Indochina?

(3) In the next few decades, France tried to consolidate its position by building canals and draining lands in order to increase cultivation in the Mekong Delta. (4) Rail network was built by the construction of the trans-Indochina railways, which joined North Vietnam to South Vietnam and China.

How were the Vietnamese treated under French rule?

Two other aspects of French colonial policy are significant when considering the attitude of the Vietnamese people, especially their educated minority, toward the colonial regime: one was the absence of any kind of civil liberties for the native population, and the other was the exclusion of the Vietnamese from the …

How did the French justify their takeover of Indochina?

The French justified their imperialism with a ‘civilising mission’, a pledge to develop backward nations. … Vietnamese land was seized by the French and collectivised into large rice and rubber plantations. Local farmers were forced to labour on these plantations in difficult and dangerous conditions.

What was the French rule?

The French colonial empire (French: Empire colonial français) comprised the overseas colonies, protectorates and mandate territories that came under French rule from the 16th century onward.

French colonial empire.

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French colonial empire Empire colonial français
• French Union 1946
• French Community 1958
• Independence of Vanuatu 1980

What impact did the French rule have on the area conquered?

French colonialism did provide some benefits for Vietnamese society, most noticeable of which were improvements in education. French missionaries, officials and their families opened primary schools and provided lessons in both French and Viet languages. Hope it helps.

Why did the French colonize Laos?

Under the French rule, the Vietnamese were encouraged to migrate to Laos, which was seen by the French colonists as a rational solution to a practical problem within the confines of an Indochina-wide colonial space.

Why did France lose the Indochina War?

The French lost their Indochinese colonies due to political, military, diplomatic, economic and socio-cultural factors. The fall of Dien Bien Phu in 1954 signalled a loss of French power. … The events of WWII, including the defeat, humiliation and compromise of the French, galvanized the revolutionary movements.

How did the French lose control of Vietnam?

On May 7, 1954, the French-held garrison at Dien Bien Phu in Vietnam fell after a four month siege led by Vietnamese nationalist Ho Chi Minh. After the fall of Dien Bien Phu, the French pulled out of the region. … The United States would not pull out of Vietnam for another twenty years.

What factors caused the French Indochina War?

The Vietnamese National Army

  • Tension and hostility between the independence-seeking Viet Minh and returning French colonial forces led to the outbreak of the First Indochina War in late 1946.
  • The Viet Minh had superior numbers but lack the weapons, munitions and technology of the French.
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When did Cochin China become a French colony?

Cochinchina was a French overseas territory from 1946 to 1949, when it merged officially with Vietnam.

What does the term Indochina stand for?

The term Indochina (originally Indo-China) was coined in the early nineteenth century, emphasizing the cultural influence of Indian and Chinese civilizations on the area. The term was later adopted as the name of the colony of French Indochina (today’s Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam).

Which school started a major protest against French medium school and why?

Answer: The major protest erupted in Saigon Native School in 1926, in Vietnam, when a Vietnamese girl sitting in the front seat was asked to move to the back for a local French student to occupy the front bench to which she refused and was expelled by the Principal.