How can I use Bangkok Bank app?

How do I setup online banking with Bangkok Bank?

You’re all set!

  1. Select “Get started” if you have a Bangkok Bank account.
  2. Select your preferred language.
  3. Easy to apply in-app with your Be1st Smart debit card, simply select “I don’t have a User ID or PIN / Password” …
  4. Enter your Be1st Smart debit card details and select “Next”
  5. Read and accept the terms and conditions.

How can I check my bank balance in Bangkok?

View Account Balance / Account Activity

  1. Select “Accounts”
  2. Enter your 6-digit Mobile PIN or use Touch ID / Face ID / Fingerprint.
  3. Select an account to check the balance.
  4. Check your account balance or account activity and select to view details of each activity.

How do I register for Bualuang iBanking?

Apply for Bualuang iBanking via our ATM

Visit any Bualuang ATM with your ATM or Be1st Smart card, select “Apply for Service” and follow the on-screen instructions. Create your password. You will use the password for your next and subsequent log-ons. Click “Confirm” to confirm the password.

Does Bangkok Bank have online banking?

Online Banking

One app to do all your banking within a few clicks. Check your balance, transfer funds and make payments with ease.

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Where can I find my Bangkok Bank User ID?

At a Bangkok Bank branch: Bring your Citizen ID card and passbook and fill in the application form. Instantly set your 4-digit PIN at the branch. When completing the process, you will get a User ID sent via SMS to the mobile phone number that you have registered with Bualuang mBanking.

What is the IBAN number for Bangkok Bank?

Bangkok Bank doesn’t have IBAN and the remitter does not have to specify an IBAN in the payment instruction to Bangkok Bank. Remitters must specify Bangkok Bank’s SWIFT code: BKKBTHBK when sending funds to Thailand.

How can I change my mobile number in Bangkok Bank?

To change the mobile phone number you provided to the bank, you can contact a Bangkok Bank branch to request a Change of Information form, or you can download a form at

What is ATM machine?

Based on the exchange of cash, there are three types of accounting transactions, namely cash transactions, non-cash transactions, and credit transactions.

How can I open krungsri account?

Enter your FCD ATM card number, ATM PIN, date of account opening (issue date), currency displayed on your FCD card, and account number. Enter your personal information. Create your own username and password. Once completing the above steps, you can access Krungsri Online services immediately.

Can I open Thai bank account?

Bank accounts can be opened in Thai baht or in foreign currency. … You don’t necessarily have to LIVE in Thailand to have a bank account but a bank might ask you some proof of residence, from a work permit, a Thai driving license or a document from the Immigration office.

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Which Thai Bank is best for foreigners?

These are the 4 top banks in Thailand for expats:

  • Bangkok Bank. Bangkok Bank —Thailand’s largest bank—is popular for being the most welcoming to foreigners and non-residents. …
  • Kasikorn Bank. …
  • Citibank. …
  • CIMB.