Frequent question: What is the leading drugstore in the Philippines?

“Mercury Drug is said to be the leading drug store here in the Philippines and I totally agree. Besides selling all types of medicine, Mercury Drug sells food, toiletries, and even…”

How many Drugstore in the Philippines?

In the Philippines, there was about 2,026 number of drugstores by Generics Pharmacy in 2017. Several businesses are available for investors in the Philippines and putting up a drugstore business is an option since the population of the country increases.

Who owned and established the first ever drugstore in the Philippines?

Mercury Drug

A branch at Cabanatuan City
Industry Retail
Founded Bambang Street, Santa Cruz, Manila, Philippines March 1, 1945
Founder Mariano Que
Headquarters Bagumbayan, Quezon City, Philippines

What is Botica Boie?

Botica Boie was the first and largest drug store in the Philippines during the 19th century and well into the 1960s. … Botica Boie was founded in 1830 by a Spaniard named Dr. Lorenzo Negrao in Manila. The original name of the store is not known, as the name “Botica Boie” was coined only in 1867.

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Is pharmacy business profitable in the Philippines?

Nonetheless, on average, the pharmacy business is highly profitable in the Philippines. However, some high costs, such as the pharmacy location and the staff, impact a pharmacy business’s overall profitability in the Philippines.

Is Mariano Que a Filipino?

Manila: Filipino-Chinese tycoon Mariano Que, founder of the 72-year-old Mercury Drug Store, died of old age last Friday, his family said in a belated post on Facebook on Saturday. He was 96.

How successful is the business of Mariano Que?

Mercury Drug’s founder, the late Mariano Que, became an orphan at an early age. And in order for him to get by every day, he needed to work hard. … From a single cart, his profit was able to grow the business into 1,000 stores around the Philippines, creating the country’s largest drugstore, Mercury Drug Corporation.

Is Mariano Que a pharmacist?

Founding a Filipino Pharmacy Giant in the 1940s

Mariano Que started his career working in a Manila drugstore in prewar Philippines. … Mariano Que, inspired by the new entrepreneurial spirit, used his drugstore experience to launch his own business. At first, Que bought and sold medical vials and capsules.

Who is Dr Leon Ma Guerrero?

León María Guerrero y Leogardo (January 21, 1853 – April 13, 1935) was a Filipino writer, revolutionary leader, politician, the first licensed pharmacist in the Philippines, and one of the most eminent botanists in the country in his time.

Who is Dr Lorenzo Negrao?

In 1830, a young Spanish physician and chemist, Dr Lorenzo Negrao, came to the Philippines and founded a drug store (original name unknown) in 1830 located at Escolta, Manila. … In 1861, Steck sold Botica de Santa Cruz to his pharmacist, Agustin Westernhagen. Soon after, Steck returned to Germany where he died in 1869.

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What is the history of pharmacy in the Philippines?

Pharmacies. It was in 1830 when the “true pharmacies” were established in the Manila, Philippines. In 1871, a faculty of pharmacy was formally established at the University of Santo Tomas, and was later followed by the opening of “well-appointed drug stores”.

How can I open a drugstore in the Philippines?

Putting Up A Drugstore In The Philippines

  1. First, look for an ideal location. …
  2. Get your business name registered. …
  3. Hire a pharmacist. …
  4. Get the list of requirements from FDA (Food and Drug Administration). …
  5. Study your market to determine the ideal product assortment. …
  6. Hire capable personnel.

Is drugstore a good business?

A drugstore is one of the most stable businesses because medicine is a necessity, and demand continuously increases as the population grows. The majority of those who enter this business are pharmacists or doctors because they know a lot about medicine.

Can a non pharmacist own a pharmacy Philippines?

The drugstore business will not operate without a registered pharmacist. He must be licensed by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) of Board of Pharmacy through passing the Philippine Licensure Exam for Pharmacists which needed to be enlisted among the registered professionals.