Your question: What does Indonesia export to other countries?

Indonesia’s most important export commodities are oil and gas, minerals, crude palm oil, electrical appliances and rubber products.

What are the top 5 exports of Indonesia?

Exports The top exports of Indonesia are Coal Briquettes ($20.3B), Palm Oil ($15.3B), Petroleum Gas ($8.32B), Cars ($4.52B), and Gold ($4.01B), exporting mostly to China ($28.6B), United States ($19.2B), Japan ($16.8B), Singapore ($14.6B), and India ($13.6B).

Where does Indonesia export to?

There are several major export destinations for Indonesia with China, the United States, Japan, Singapore and India being the most prominent ones. The value of exports for each country as mentioned are US$16.8 billion, US$16.2 billion, US$ 16.1 billion, US$ 11.2 billion, and $10.1 billion respectively.

What goods are exported imported from Indonesia?

Indonesia has generous natural resources, including crude oil, natural gas, tin, copper, and gold. Its key imports include machinery and equipment, chemicals, fuels, and foodstuffs. Major exports include oil and gas, electrical appliances, plywood, rubber and textiles.

What does Indonesia export to us?

The top export categories (2-digit HS) in 2020 were: mineral fuels ($1.2 billion), oilseeds and oleaginous fruits (soybeans) ($940 million), machinery ($632 million), food waste, animal feed ($477 million), and wood pulp ($334 million).

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What is Indonesia’s biggest export?

Indonesia’s most important export commodities are oil and gas, minerals, crude palm oil, electrical appliances and rubber products. However Indonesia exports of goods and services, as a proportion of GDP, is relatively low at 20%.

What is Indonesia famous for producing?

The country is a major exporter of crude petroleum and natural gas. In addition, Indonesia is one of the world’s main suppliers of rubber, coffee, cocoa, and palm oil; it also produces a wide range of other commodities, such as sugar, tea, tobacco, copra, and spices (e.g., cloves).

What food does Indonesia export?

Indonesia’s major agricultural exports consist of products of tree crops, including palm and coconut products (33.8 percent), rubber (18.6 percent), coffee, tea and spices (25.9 percent). Indonesia has also had some success at diversifying into higher valued fruits and vegetables (5.8 percent).

What Indonesia exports to Japan?

Indonesia-Japan In 2019, Indonesia exported $16.8B to Japan. The main products that Indonesia exported to Japan are Coal Briquettes ($2.48B), Petroleum Gas ($2.07B), and Insulated Wire ($928M).

What does Indonesia export to China?

Animal, vegetable fats and oils, cleavage products. $3.57B. 2020. Pulp of wood, fibrous cellulosic material, waste. $2.04B.

What makes up Indonesia economy?

Indonesia has a market-based economy in which the government plays a significant role, including administering prices for some basic goods such as fuel, rice and electricity. In terms of value added, the industrial sector accounted for 40 per cent of GDP in 2015. … The United States is also a significant export market.

What is Indonesia religion?

Share of population Indonesia 2010 by religion

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Indonesia has the largest Islamic population in the world and for this reason is often recognized as a Muslim nation. … The archipelago is a multifaith country and officially recognizes six religions – Islam, Protestantism, Catholicism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Confucianism.