Your question: How do I pay for blue Singapore?

How do I pay for BlueSG?

To make payment for the outstanding bills, please login via the BlueSG website and click on ‘My Bills’ and choose the outstanding bill that you wish to make a one-time payment for. Please note that payment is only available to outstanding bills with at least 3 deduction failures registered in our system.

Is BlueSG free?

Membership automatically renews accordingly to the selected plan. Free 1st month membership fee worth $8 is valid for new customers only.


Monthly Rental Minutes Included None FREE 45 minutes
Commitment Period No commitment 6 months commitment

Is BlueSG expensive?

How much does BlueSG cost? The short answer: It costs S$10.80 for a half-hour drive, or S$21.60 per hour. Renting the BlueCar costs S$0.36 a minute. As it is an electric car, there is no need to pay extra for fuel.

How Much Is Blue Singapore?


Membership fee $8 / month $18 / month
Rental fee $0.36 / min $0.36 / min
Monthly Rental Minutes Included None FREE 45 minutes
Commitment Period No commitment 6 months commitment

How do I use BlueSG?

Activate: You will receive a Pairing Code that allows you to activate your membership at any BlueSG station. You will be able to pair your existing EZ Link card to your account or request a BlueSG membership card for vehicle access. Go: Just tap your card at any station to pick up a Bluecar and start driving!

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How do I add a card to BlueSG?

Visit a BlueSG charging kiosk and tap your EZ Link or NETS Flashpay card on the card reader. Enter the 6 digit pairing code when prompted.

Who can drive BlueSG?

To use BlueSG, the driver must be 20 years or older and hold a valid driving license for a minimum of 1 year. Users will also need a debit or credit card to set up an account. For foreigners, if you have resided in Singapore for more 1 year, you will need to convert your foreign driving license.

Does BlueSG have GPS?

Locate a Station

To locate a station to return your BlueSG Car, you can use the car navigation feature from the GPS menu in your BlueSG Car or the BlueSG app from your Android or iPhone.

How long does it take to validate BlueSG?

Membership activation will take up to 24 – 48 hours. Once your account has been validated, you will receive a pairing code via SMS.

Why do people use BlueSG?

With 345 charging stations and 1,371 charging points islandwide, BlueSG is an attractive option for people who want the convenience of being able to drive, without having to be saddled with the fiscal responsibilities that come with car ownership in Singapore.

How many seater is BlueSG?

The Bluecar seats 4 adults comfortably. The back seat can be folded down to make room for larger loads and includes a latch system to enable securing a child seat for safe transport of young children.

Can I park my BlueSG car anywhere?

The Bluecar is a 100% electric vehicle manufactured by the Bolloré Group of France, designed and intended specifically for car-sharing. … You can park anywhere that is legal to park a vehicle, but you can only end your rental by plugging in at a BlueSG station.

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Who owns BlueSG?

The Bluecar has an average range of about 250 km, depending on speed and terrain. The Bluecar is meant for short trips around Singapore. If the battery level drops below 30%, users will be notified to return the vehicle to a BlueSG station.

Is BlueSG car auto or manual?

It must be noted that since BlueCar is not powered by a traditional auto transmission system, the car does not creep forward at rest. So remember to use the handbrake when moving off from a slope!