You asked: How do I book an ASQ hotel in Bangkok?

What is ASQ booking?

Thailand ASQ is a period of mandatory quarantine accommodation for arriving international visitors at government-accredited hotels. All ASQ bookings are paid for by the traveler. … These ASQ packages include accommodation, 3 meals per day, two COVID-19 tests, airport transfers, and more.

Can unmarried couples quarantine together in Thailand?

Yes, it’s offered by some of the participating hotels, but not all – check them out. You’re asked to provide ‘proof of co-habitation’, if not married.

How long is Thailand ASQ?

Depending on when your flight lands in Thailand, the actual length of stay at an ASQ hotel will be 14 or 15 nights. In addition to the extended length of stay in quarantine, further restrictions from the government include having to: Undertake three COVID-19 tests during your stay.

What is ALQ Thailand?

Alternative Quarantine (AQ), previously called Alternative Local Quarantine (ALQ or ALSQ), is the list of quarantine hotels, located outside Bangkok. … Alternative Local Quarantine (ALQ) is the process of quarantine at government-approved hotels in various provinces of Thailand at the traveler’s own expense.

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How much is ASQ in Thailand?

3. Solaria Nishitetsu Hotel Bangkok

Features of ASQ Package
Room Category Price (THB) per person
Standard room (25 Sq.m) 70,000.-THB
Avani Deluxe Room (30 Sq.m.) 80,000.-THB
Grand Deluxe Room (37 Sq.m) 90,000.-THB

How much is quarantine in Thailand?

An AQ hotel in Thailand tends to cost between $50-100 USD per night on the budget-friendly end. All quarantine hotels on our list are under 37,990 THB ($1,139 USD for a 14-day package all-inclusive service.) The prices are per person with the cheapest first, based on the 14-day package.

What are ASQ hotels?

What’s ASQ? It’s a Bangkok hotel room with tons of Netflix, lots of room service, and two or three COVID tests on the side. At the time of writing, there are 147 approved ASQ hotels in Bangkok – and a shorter list of ‘ALSQ’ (Alternative Local State Quarantine) hotels in Phuket, Chonburi, Burirum and Prachiburi.

How long is ASQ quarantine in Thailand?

All travelers entering Thailand are currently subject to a 10-day (11 nights) state quarantine. This means you cannot leave the hotel during this period. This period is 14 days (15 nights) if you are from a country on the COVID variants list.

Can you drink alcohol in ASQ?

Is alcohol Allowed at the Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ)? When you stay at the Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ), the Property will not be providing alcohol to your room. in addition to that, you will not be allowed to bring with you alcoholic beverages from Outside.

Can unmarried couples stay in hotels in Thailand?

As long as your girlfriend checks in with you same time usually not a problem. Unmarried couples check into rooms without question all the time.

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Can I quarantine in Pattaya?

Pattaya / Chonburi Alternative Quarantine (AQ) is the list of government-approved quarantine hotels that can be used for the process of quarantine in Pattaya / Sriracha / Chonburi. Pattaya / Sriracha / Chonburi AQ packages are offered for foreign tourists and other travelers arriving to Thailand.

What is Sandbox Program in Thailand?

What is Phuket Sandbox? Phuket Sandbox plan is a new model that allows travelers who are fully vaccinated to enter Thailand without quarantine. The program is starting on 1 July 2021, before Thai borders will be fully reopened.

Can I quarantine in Koh Samui?

Despite the fact that there is no quarantine requirement, arriving tourists under Samui Plus scheme are restricted to stay at approved accommodations. After the arrival to Koh Samui, 7 nights must be spent at the chosen Samui SHA Plus Hotels. The first night must be spent on Koh Samui!