You asked: How can I get a car license in Singapore?

Once you’ve passed your Basic Theory Test (BTT), you need to go to the Traffic Police Test Centre with your test result to apply for a Provisional Driving Licence (PDL). Bring along your identity card. You need to pay S$25 for the Provisional Driving Licence.

How can I get car Licence in Singapore?


  1. Enrol at ComfortDelGro Driving Centre.
  2. Pass your Basic Theory Test and get your Provisional Driving Licence (PDL)
  3. Driving Lessons.
  4. Take your Final Theory Test (FTT)
  5. Driving Test.
  6. Get your Licence.

How much does it cost to get a driving license in Singapore 2020?

The cost of the Basic Theory Test for all three driving schools is $6.50. After passing your Basic Theory Test, you will be able to apply for your provisional driving licence (PDL) at the cost of $25. This temporary license will only be valid for two years.

Can a foreigner get a drivers license in Singapore?

Yes, foreigners can get a driving license in Singapore. If it’s your first time to get a driving license, you can apply for a new one through the Traffic Police Test Centre. … If you are staying in Singapore for less than a year, you can use your valid foreign driving license (class 2B, 3, or 3A) to drive in Singapore.

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How do I apply for car Licence?

Apply for a driving licence in Dubai- RTA Dubai.

Required documents and procedures

  1. Copy of passport and residence visa page.
  2. Copy and original emirates ID card.
  3. 2 photographs.
  4. Eye test report.
  5. No objection letter from the sponsor (if required by the related traffic department).

How much does it cost to license a car in Singapore?

Getting a Driver’s License in Singapore – How Much Does It Cost?

Driving School Private Driving Instructor
Practical Driving Test $33 $33
Practical Test Car Rental $195.81 to $231.12 $195.81 to $231.12
Driver’s License Fee $50 $50
ESTIMATED TOTAL $1,860 to $2,400 $1,340 to $1,790

How can I pass my driving test in Singapore?

Tips for passing your driving test in Singapore

  1. Take your test after booking out from camp. …
  2. Exaggerate actions when checking mirrors and blind spots. …
  3. Pick a strategic timing and location for your test. …
  4. Jam the emergency brake super hard when they call for it. …
  5. Be IN the waiting room, not outside it.

How many types of driving license are there in Singapore?

Types of Singapore Driving Licenses

In Singapore, there are 11 classes of driving licenses, each tailored to the necessary skills to operate the vehicles. Aside from these license classes, there are 3 types of driving licenses based on the driver’s level of driving experience.

Can I drive in Singapore with Indian license?


To drive in Singapore you need to be 18-years old and your Indian Driving Licence is valid for 12 months. After that, you need to get a Singapore Driving Licence. Ensure your DL is in English if not you need to get it translated.

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How do I pass my basic theory test?

The BTT consists of 50 questions to be answered within 50 minutes. To pass, you must answer 45 out of the 50 questions correctly. A copy of the Basic Theory handbook can be found here. You must pass the BTT before you can take the FTT and PDT.

Which countries recognize Singapore license?

Some member countries of ASEAN recognise the Singapore drivers’ licence. The Governments of Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines signed an agreement stating that they would recognize all domestic driving licences from these member countries.

How long is Singapore driving license valid?

If you are a Singapore citizen or permanent resident, your motorcycle or car driving license in Singapore will be valid until your 65th birthday. Following that, you will have to renew your license every 3 years which can be easily done online. Foreigners have a license expiry date of 5 years on their QDL.

How can I get driving Licence in Tamilnadu?

How to Apply for Driving Licence Online in Tamil Nadu?

  1. Step 1: Visit
  2. Step 2: Click on ‘Application for new DL’.
  3. Step 3: Click on ‘New driving license’
  4. Step 4: Enter all the required details and submit all the documents.
  5. Step 5: You will be given an application number.

Which country driving Licence is international?

However it does recognises 1949 International Driving Permits. is not party to the 1949 Convention on Road Traffic, but recognizes 1949 International Driving Permits.

List Of Countries Recognising International Driving Permit.

Afghanistan Curacao (Netherlands Antilles) Ireland
Belize France & French Monaco Latvia
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What is golden chance in driving license?

What is a golden chance and who is eligible? Those who are already having a driving license in their home country which people are eligible to apply for driving license by golden chance. For the golden chance, they give only direct road test for only one chance.