Why do Filipinos love drinking?

A study on the alcohol drinking patterns among Filipinos revealed that drinking is embedded in the Filipino culture: 45.5% of respondents said they drink alcohol to socialize, 23.8% drink to remove stress and burden and 17.5% say they drink to be happy and gain pleasure.

What are those 3 good reasons why Filipinos are drinking?

We drink for only three good reasons. We drink when we are very happy. We drink when we are very sad. And we drink for any other reason.

Do Filipinos like drinking?

Filipinos are known to be hard and strong drinkers! We drink when we want to celebrate. We drink when we want to comfort a broken-hearted fellow. We drink to cap off a fun-filled day of exploring the best Philippine beaches and islands.

How much alcohol do Filipinos drink?

“On alcohol use, consumption was high, with 4 in 10 Filipinos (40.1%) reporting that they drank alcohol in the 30 days prior to the survey. Alcohol use was higher in men compared to women, with 51.4% of men and 28.9% of women reporting current drinking use,” the health department said in a statement Tuesday.

What do Philippines drink?


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The most common alcoholic beverage is beer, generally served cold. Local alcoholic drinks include tuba (coconut wine, sometimes very strong) and potent moonshine-like clear liquors made from sugar or fruit. Imported beer, wine and whiskey are available but expensive.

What is Tanggero?

Definition for the Tagalog word tanggero:

tanggero. [noun/adjective] a Filipino term which means the person who passes drinks in a drinking session.

Do people in the Philippines drink?

Drinking in the Philippines isn’t just a way to kick back among friends; it’s also a vital part of Filipino culture. Alcohol is consumed during celebrations and special occasions, at fiestas, rice-harvesting ceremonies, and healing rituals.

What is the drinking age in the Philippines?

In the Philippines it is disturbing that due to lenient monitoring and implementation, alcohol such as beer and hard drinks can easily be bought in grocery and convenience stores by teenagers. Our law sets the minimum legal drinking age at 18, nevertheless underage drinking is widespread and prevalent.

Is there a Filipino alcohol?

Lambanóg is a traditional Filipino distilled palm liquor made from coconut or nipa palm sap. It is derived from tubâ (palm toddy) that has been aged for at least 48 hours. It originates from Luzon island in the northern Philippines.

How much is a can of Coke in Philippines?

Top Coca-Cola Groceries Philippines Price List 2021

Top 10 products Price Store
Coca Cola Light Can 330ml 24 Cans ₱ 910.00 Shopee
Coca Cola Zero Sugar Bottle ₱ 118.00 Shopee
Coca-Cola Swakto Coke, Lemon, Sprite, And Royal 200Ml. 12Pcs. ₱ 130.00 Shopee
Coca-Cola Coke 1.5 Liters 12Pcs ₱ 350.00 Shopee
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What is the best alcohol in the Philippines?

Popular liquor/wine brands in the Philippines

  • Johnnie Walker 18yo 750ml ₱2,920.
  • Jack Daniel’s Old No.7 Tennessee Whiskey 1L ₱1,580.
  • Jose Cuervo Gold 1L ₱1,049.
  • Hennessy VS 700ml ₱1,849.
  • 1800 Reposado Tequila 750ml ₱1,450.