Which is the coldest city in Thailand?

Historically, Sakon Nakhon is the coldest place in Thailand, measuring minus 1.4C in Muang district in 1974. The weather in the province was 9C on Thursday and residents in some districts of Sakon Nakhon and other province came out of their houses to stay by the fire to keep warm.

Which part of Thailand is coolest?

Located in the northern Thai highlands, Chiang Mai is a bustling town full of culture, food and outdoor activities. Whilst it can reach high temperatures in the 30s, the months of December and January are remarkably cool for Thailand, with average lows of around 15°C – no need to worry about sun burn here.

What city is most coldest?

Oymyakon, Sakha Republic, Russia

Oymyakon, Russia is widely believed to be the coldest inhabited place on the planet. The town is home to 500 people, who withstand an average winter temperature of minus 58 degrees (minus 50 Celsius).

Is there snowfall in Thailand?

No, Thailand does not have snow. It is unlikely if not impossible that you will see snow during your trip to Thailand. There are some reports of snow in Thailand during its winter in late 1955. The same year when the coldest temperature ever was recorded in Thailand.

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Which city in Thailand has the best weather?

Pattaya: Some consider this place to have near perfect weather – as far as Thailand goes, anyway. It doesn’t get too much rain and isn’t too uncomfortably hot. The average high is around 31°C and the low is around 22°C.

What is Asia’s coldest country?

Home to more frozen cities than one could ever count, Russia is, by far, the coldest country in Asia. For half the year, life outside seems to stop as permafrost takes over and frozen rivers and lakes settle in. Siberia is especially cold and is home to many of the world’s coldest places.

Which is the coldest country in Asia?

The coldest region in Asia is currently the region around Verkhoyansk, in the north-eastern part of Siberia, Russia. The lowest temperature ever recorded was – 67.5 ° C (-90 ° Fahrenheit).

What is the 2nd coldest city in the world?

Nursultan, Kazakhstan. Nursultan, previously known as Astana until March 2019, is the second-coldest capital city in the world. Temperatures remain in the low single digits for most of the winter months with average January and February temperatures landing around 4 degrees F.

What are 2 of the coldest cities?

The coldest cities in the world

  • Harbin, Heilongjiang, China.
  • Dudinka, Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia.
  • Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
  • Yakutsk, Sakha Republic, Russia.
  • Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada.

Which country is more cold?

Antarctica. Antarctica is the most chilly continent known by the fact. One of the cities of this continent is Vostok which has a population of scientists who work inside the world’s most isolated research station. The city is located around 1,000 kilometres from the South Pole.

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Does Pattaya have snow?

Winter (December through February)

Weather is perfect this time of year in Pattaya to be enjoyable for warm weather travelers. The average high during this season is between 88.4°F (31.3°C) and 85.1°F (29.5°C). On average, it rains or snows a smalll amount: 1 to 2 times per month.

Does it snow in Chiang Rai?

There is no snow in Thailand since for snow to occur, the atmosphere must have small amounts of moisture. It, however, snowed once in Thailand! As per Thailand’s national weather archives, snowfall was recorded in Chiang Rai in 1955.

Does Thailand ever get cold?

The cold season is generally from November to February. In Bangkok this means it might get as cold as 60F at the coldest point of the night, but more likely 65F. In the day it might average around, say, 75F. … The southern-most regions of Thailand generally don’t have a cold season.

What is the coldest it gets in Thailand?

It means that officially the coldest temperature ever recorded in Thailand is -1.4°C (29°F) which was recorded in Sakhon Nakhon on January 2, 1974.

Where is the hottest place in Thailand?

On Thursday, Lampang’s Thoen district was the hottest place in the country, with the mercury hitting to 44.2 degrees Celsius. This was the highest temperature in the history of the northern province, which previously had recorded a top reading of 43.8 degrees Celsius.

Which part of Thailand is the hottest?

Lampang is the hottest province in Thailand at 43C.