What time is it in India Malaysia?

Which country is 7 hours behind Malaysia?

Europe is 7 hours behind the center of Malaysia.

Which country is 5 hours ahead Malaysia?

Turkey is 5 hours behind the center of Malaysia.

What time is used in Malaysia?

Malaysian Standard Time (MST; Malay: Waktu Piawai Malaysia, WPM) or Malaysian Time (MYT) is the standard time used in Malaysia. It is 8 hours ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). The local mean time in Kuala Lumpur was originally GMT+06:46:46.

What country has the same time as Malaysia?

So, on 1 January 1982, the clocks in peninsular Malaysia were brought forward to match those in East Malaysia (GMT +8:00). Singapore, which separated from Malaysia in 1965, followed suit the same day.

What place is 1 hour ahead?

In the United States and Canada, this time zone is often just called Central Time (CT). The zone is one hour ahead of the Mountain Time Zone and one hour behind the Eastern Time Zone. The largest city in the Central Time Zone is Mexico City.

What country is 11 hours ahead?

The Samoa Time Zone or Samoa Standard Time (SST) observes standard time by subtracting eleven hours from Coordinated Universal Time (UTC-11:00).

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What places are 7 hours behind?

The GMT/UTC+7 hours offset is shared by several countries countries in Asia. None of them uses Dayligt Saving Time. The time zone offset called for Cambodia, Lao, Thailand and Vietnam is also known as Indochina Time or ICT.

What language do they speak in Malaysia?

Малайзия/Официальные языки
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