What is Indonesian minimum wage?

Indonesia’s yearly minimum wage is $1,027.00 in International Currency.

What is the minimum wage in Indonesia per hour?

$1.29 per hour

In Indonesia, minimum wage varies depending on the region of the archipelago, much like the United States’ individual state minimum wage rates. Salaries vary from 1,100,000 in Jawa Tengah to 1,621,172 in Bali. Jakarta’s wage remains the highest in the nation.

Does Indonesia have minimum wage?

In 2020, the monthly minimum wage in Jakarta was 4.28 million Indonesian rupiah. Jakarta has the highest minimum wage, followed by Papua.

Monthly minimum wage in Indonesia in 2020, by province (in million Indonesian rupiah)

Characteristic Monthly minimum wage in million Indonesian rupiah

What is the minimum wage in Indonesia 2021?

Minimum Wages in Indonesia increased to 4.42 IDR Million/Month (305.21 USD/Month) in 2021. The maximum rate of minimum wage for employees was 4.42 IDR Million/Month and minimum was 1.68 IDR Million/Month.

What is the average income in Indonesia 2020?

In 2020, the national income per capita in Indonesia was about 42.12 million Indonesian rupiah, down from around 42.68 million rupiah the previous year. In that year, Indonesia’s gross domestic product was around 1.06 trillion U.S. dollars.

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What is the living wage in Indonesia?

Living Wage Individual in Indonesia averaged 1374925 IDR/Month from 2015 until 2018, reaching an all time high of 1476300 IDR/Month in 2016 and a record low of 1174300 IDR/Month in 2017. Indonesia Living Wage Individual – values, historical data and charts – was last updated on November of 2021.

How much is cost of living in Indonesia?

According to a survey, the cost of living in Indonesia for a single person averages at Rp 13,415,843 (about $900) a month. While a family of four may need up to Rp 29,846,962 (about $2,000) to live comfortably. These amounts, however, tend to vary all throughout the country.

How much is a can of Coke in Indonesia?

Cost of living in Indonesia is, on average, 48.86% lower than in United States.

Cost of Living in Indonesia.

Restaurants Edit
Domestic Beer (1 pint draught) 35,000.00Rp
Imported Beer (12 oz small bottle) 50,000.00Rp
Cappuccino (regular) 27,582.61Rp
Coke/Pepsi (12 oz small bottle) 8,651.53Rp

How much do Bali workers get paid?

What is the average salary in Bali? Well, the average annual salary, including transport, housing, and other benefits, is 160,046,778 IDR ($11,165)/yr or 13,345,000 IDR ($931)/month for salaried jobs. Those who work hourly jobs can expect about 76,946 IDR ($5.36)/hr.

What country has the lowest minimum wage?

“The absolute lowest federal minimum wage is in Sierra Leone, where workers can expect just $0.03/hour. India is the lowest among larger economies with a $0.28/hour rate.

What is China’s minimum wage?

Effective Aug. 1, 2021, Beijing (Chinese) increased its monthly minimum wage to 2,320 yuan (U.S. $360.01) from 2,200 yuan (U.S. $341.39), the Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau said.

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What is the average wage in Jakarta?

The average salary for jobs in Jakarta, Indonesia is Rp254. 245.042 (IDR) per year or an hourly rate of Rp122. 233 (IDR).

What is the average wage in Australia?

Australia’s average full-time salary now above $90,000. New data has shown the average Aussie salary – but the figures have also shocked, showing that the gender pay gap has widened.