What are police called in Malaysia?

The Royal Malaysia Police (often abbreviated RMP) (Malay: Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM)), is a (primarily) uniformed national and federal police force in Malaysia. The force is a centralised organisation. Its headquarters are located at Bukit Aman, Kuala Lumpur.

What are the two types of police officers in Malaysia?

The Malaysian Government utilises the services of several auxiliary police, volunteer police, and police cadet forces. An auxiliary police in RMP refers to sworn security police serving in autonomous government agencies and key government-linked companies/entities, such as: Malaysian Airports Holdings Berhad.

What is the Malaysian version of FBI?

Communist insurgency (1948–1989)

During the Malayan Emergency, when the Malayan Communist Party (MCP) guerrillas were in open revolt, the Special Branch successfully infiltrated the party chain of command.

What is the lowest rank in the Malaysian police?

Malaysia. In the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM), the rank of sub-inspector is the senior-most of non-commissioned officers. They are also the lowest ranking police officers to wear their rank insignia on epaulettes on both shoulders.

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What is PDRM?

Potentially Drug-Resistant Microorganism. PDRM.

What are the 4 types of police system?

There are five major types of police agency: (1) the federal system, consisting of the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice, including the FBI, the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Secret Service, the Postal Inspection Service, and many others; (2) police forces and criminal investigation …

What are the different types of police?

10 Types of law enforcement officers

  • Uniformed officers. …
  • Detectives. …
  • State police and highway patrol officers. …
  • Fish and game wardens. …
  • Transit and railroad officers. …
  • Sheriffs. …
  • Special jurisdiction police. …
  • Air marshals.

What is difference between MI6 and MI5?

MI5 is the British security service while MI6 is the British foreign intelligence service. … Their official names (acquired in the 30s) are the Security Service (MI5) and SIS, the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6). The former is responsible to the Home Office and the latter to the Foreign Office.

Do we have FBI in Malaysia?

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia — FBI.

Is the CIA above the FBI?

Unlike the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), which is a domestic security service, the CIA has no law enforcement function and is officially mainly focused on overseas intelligence gathering, with only limited domestic intelligence collection.

Central Intelligence Agency.

Agency overview
Website www.cia.gov

How many IPD are there in Malaysia?

Royal Malaysia Police

Royal Malaysia Police Polis Diraja Malaysia
General nature Civilian police
Operational structure
Headquarters Bukit Aman, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Sworn members 137,574
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How can I join the police in Malaysia?


  1. Malaysian citizens aged between 18 and 28 years.
  2. Excellent health condition and vision with no physical impairments.
  3. No criminal record.
  4. Diploma in Electrical / Electronic / Mechanical / Science / Engineering / Information Technology with minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 3.00.

Is Sergeant a high rank?

In most armies, the rank of sergeant corresponds to command of a squad (or section). In Commonwealth armies, it is a more senior rank, corresponding roughly to a platoon second-in-command. In the United States Army, sergeant is a more junior rank corresponding to a squad- (12 person) or platoon- (36 person) leader.

What is ACP rank in police?


How can I become a CID officer in Malaysia?

To join CID, a candidate must have done graduation in any stream from a recognized university. A candidate who has already completed graduation can join this department as a sub-inspector.

How can I become a police detective in Malaysia?

In order to make Detective / Investigator, you must first serve as a police officer for a certain period of time, (depending on the precinct in which you are employed, generally 1 to 5 years), and complete further training, including physical, tactical, and general education preferably at the masters degree level.