Quick Answer: Who owns GSAT Philippines?

G-Sat is owned by Global Satellite Technology Services (GSTS), registered in the Philippines with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

How much is GSAT Pinoy?

Top Gsat Price List 2021

Top 10 products Price Store
GSAT HD box Only ₱ 1,180.00 Lazada
GSAT (HD) SLIM DESIGN Remote Control Compatible with G-Pinoy Green and Black Box and HD Gold Box Yinhe GYHD869 ₱ 391.02 Lazada
GSAT (HD) Remote Control Compatible with G-Pinoy Green and Black Box and HD Gold Box Yinhe GYHD869 ₱ 399.00 Lazada

What channel is NBA in GSAT?

NBA returns to Philippine Television with One Sport GSAT channel 10 starts on July 31, 2020! Subscribe now and never miss a moment!

What channel is etc on GSAT?

Its digital free-to-air broadcast is carried by SBN’s flagship station, DWCP-DTV (channel 21) in Metro Manila.

ETC (Philippine TV channel)

Cignal (Nationwide) Channel 21
G Sat (Nationwide) Channel 69
SatLite (Nationwide) Channel 21

What channel is heart of Asia in GSAT?

Heart of Asia Channel, known on-air as Heart of Asia, is a Filipino free-to-air television channel owned by GMA Network Inc. The channel was on test broadcast from June 12–28, 2020; and was officially launched on June 29, 2020.

Heart of Asia Channel.

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Website Heart of Asia Channel on Facebook

What is GSAT cable?

G-Sat (Global Satellite) is a subscription-based direct-to-home (DTH) satellite television service commercially available in the Philippines. … G-Sat also imported pay TV channels from Hong Kong, which TV shows and movies subtitled in Cantonese.

How much is the installation fee for Cignal Cable?

Note: The Prepaid Ultimate HD Kit includes the HD set-top box and the Cignal dish.

100 300
Prepaid HD Box Only Discounted Price 1,290 1,290
1st Month Load (30- validity) 100 300
Minimum Installation Fee 1,000 1,000

Is Aniplus available in GSAT?

Anime Pilipinas has learned on Monday that the direct-to-home (DTH) satellite TV service G Sat has added Southeast Asian anime channel ANIPLUS Asia on its channel line-up.

What channel is Myx in GSAT?


G Sat (Nationwide) Channel 35
Cignal (Nationwide) Channel 150
SatLite (Nationwide) Channel 111

How do I watch NBA on GSAT?

The channel is a joint venture between Cignal and NBA TV and is a live simulcast broadcast of NBA TV, the league’s dedicated channel in the United States.

NBA TV Philippines.

Streaming media
NBA.Smart Watch Live (for Smart and TNT subscribers)

Does GSAT have a2z channel?

A2Z, known on-air as A2Z Channel 11, is a Philippine free-to-air blocktime broadcast television network that serves as a flagship property of ZOE Broadcasting Network in partnership with ABS-CBN Corporation through a blocktime agreement.

A2Z (Philippine TV channel)

Cignal Channel 20
G Sat Channel 9
SatLite Channel 20

How do I load GSAT?


  1. How do I use the Web loading?
  2. Step 1: Make sure your box is turned on.
  3. Step 2: Tick the box to confirm you are not a robot.
  4. Step 3: Input your box number on the first box. …
  5. Step 4: Input the PIN from your GSAT/GPinoy prepaid card or the E-Pin provided.
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Which country is known as Heart of Asia?

A term coined to highlight the geostrategic location of Afghanistan at the center of Asia’s trade and economic junction between China, Central Asia, the Middle East, and the Indian Ocean (s. Istanbul Process).

What are the channels in GSAT HD?


  • 85 – Fox Family Movies HD.
  • 86 – Discovery Asia HD.
  • 87 – National Geographic HD.
  • 88 – Outdoor Channel HD.
  • 89 – KBS World HD.
  • 90 – Cartoon Network HD.
  • 91 – Boomerang HD.
  • 92 – Kapamilya Channel HD.