Quick Answer: How do I choose Muay Thai gloves?

Young children may use a lighter weight around 6-8oz while heavier folks can consider 16oz. Theoretically, the heavier the gloves, the more protection they offer due to having more padding. Sparring requires heavier gloves and most gyms recommend 16oz for safety purpose.

How heavy should Muay Thai gloves be?

Both Boxing and Muay Thai prefer prefer the use of 16oz gloves for sparring. If you weigh less than 140lbs (63kg) then you can usually get by with 14oz. In general however you will not go wrong with a pair of 16oz gloves.

What size gloves do pro Muay Thai fighters wear?

Fighters weighing above 100 lbs up to 126 lbs (Mini Flyweight to Featherweight) will use 6oz gloves; fighters above 126 lbs up to 147 lbs (Super Featherweight to Welterweight) will use 8oz gloves; while fighters above 147 lbs (Super Welterweight and above) must use 10 oz gloves.

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Are Muay Thai gloves different?

The most distinct difference between Boxing gloves and Muay Thai gloves is the padding. … With these techniques in play, the side of the Muay Thai glove takes much more impact and thus needs more protection. Muay Thai gloves tend to have a more uniformly distributed padding around the knuckles, back of the hand.

Do you need high end gloves for Muay Thai?

High-Quality Materials

Muay Thai is a high impact sports and right from the start, you will be hitting a lot of tough pads and dense heavy bags. If you want them to last, you are going to need reasonably durable gloves with good padding to withstand the constant and regular punishment.

Can I use MMA gloves for Muay Thai?

Pure MMA style gloves are designed for both striking and grappling and are inadequate protection for Muay Thai training. These 4- or 6oz gloves offer way too little padding for bag or even pad work. For Muay Thai training, you need the classic style well-padded boxing gloves of at least 8oz and above.

What are 8oz gloves for?

A 10 ounce glove is used in the heavier weight classes. Well 8 oz gloves are the lightest gloves used in a sanctioned boxing event and they are used in the lighter weight classes. A 10 ounce glove is used in the heavier weight classes.

How do you know what size Muay Thai gloves to get?

Sparring requires heavier gloves and most gyms recommend 16oz for safety purpose. 14oz sparring gloves may be used by thinner and smaller people. Most people own at least 2 pairs of gloves which are used separately for general training and sparring.

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What size gloves should I use for heavy bag?

For hitting pads or a heavy bag, gloves that are 12 oz and below are your best options. The lower weight of these gloves, typically referred to as “bag gloves,” allow you to work on delivering your punches with speed without sacrificing hand protection.

What oz gloves for kickboxing?

Of all the sizes, 10 oz gloves are the most popular for bag and pad workouts, while sizes 14, 16, 18, and 20 oz gloves are used for sparring.

Why are Muay Thai gloves big?

It is important to wear well-fitted gloves for Muay Thai training that can provide sufficient padding and wrist support while not restricting blood flow.

Gloves Sizing Table.

Body Weight Recommended Gloves Size
150lbs – 180lbs 16oz – 20oz
180lbs & above 18oz – 20oz

Are Muay Thai gloves bigger than boxing gloves?

Because of this, Muay Thai gloves commonly opt for a shorter fit, making up for the reduced support by making the cuff itself much thicker. In a Muay Thai glove the cuff tends to feel a lot more protective and usually you can get pretty good support by pulling the strap tight.

Is Muay Thai better than boxing?

Muay Thai is often seen as better for self-defense as it teaches you how to use all limbs to fight. Unlike boxing, it will teach you how to use kicks to keep the distance, vicious elbows, and knees in the clinch. … We have to go with Muay Thai simply because of the clinch work which is very important in street fighting.

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Are Hayabusa T3 gloves good for Muay Thai?

Even though Hayabusa are quite versatile pair of gloves, these are not that great for clinching. Some fighters like to use one pair for everything, but if you are doing Muay Thai, I would recommend you to use a more Muay Thai specific glove. … Hayabusa T3 Boxing gloves are one of the best choices I would recommend.

What gloves do pro Muay Thai fighters use?

The 10 Best Boxing Gloves for Muay Thai

  • Fairtex Boxing Gloves. Fairtex Boxing Gloves. …
  • Twins Special Boxing Gloves. Twins Special Boxing Gloves. …
  • Yokkao Matrix Boxing Gloves. …
  • Top King Boxing Gloves. …
  • Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves. …
  • Venum Elite Boxing Gloves. …
  • Fairtex Limited Edition Gloves. …
  • Venum Challenger 2.0.

Can I use boxing gloves for Muay Thai?

Generaly if you do Muay Thai buy Muay Thai gloves if your a Boxer buy boxing gloves, but there is no harm in having both especially if you do Muay Thai, as you can use your Boxing gloves when you spar Boxing and Muay Thai when you do Muay Thai.