Question: How much is a Vietnam helicopter?

For Sale: A Vietnam Veteran Bell UH-1 B “Huey” Helicopter – $165,000 USD. The Bell UH-1, or “Huey” as it’s commonly known, is one of the most famous helicopters in the world. In fact it’s probably the most famous outright.

How much does a Vietnam era helicopter cost?

Price: $695,000 USD – SOLD! This is a former U.S. Army Helicopter with documented military history in Vietnam.

How many Huey helicopters are left?

The last of some 10,000 UH-1 Hueys built for the U.S. Army has now left operational service, ending a four-decade run as the “workhorse” of U.S. Army Aviation and solidifying forever the role of the helicopter in military operations.

How much does a Blackhawk helicopter cost?

The unit cost of the H-60 models varies due to differences in specifications, equipment and quantities. For example, the unit cost of the Army’s UH-60L Black Hawk is $5.9 million while the unit cost of the Air Force HH-60G Pave Hawk is $10.2 million.

What is the cheapest helicopter?

15 Cheapest Helicopters in the World

  • Sikorsky Schweizer S333 ($698,000)
  • Bell 206 ($900,000) …
  • Robinson R66 ($935,900) …
  • Bell 505 Jet Range X ($1.07 million) …
  • MD 500E ($1.1 million) …
  • AgustaWestland AW009 ($1.3 million) …
  • Eurocopter EC120 ($1.4 million) …
  • Eurocopter AS350 Écureuil ($2.4 Million) …
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Do the Marines still fly the Huey?

The UH-1N Twin Huey was retired by the Marines in August 2014, making the UH-1Y the Marine Corps’ standard utility helicopter.

Where can I fly in a Huey helicopter?

The Army Aviation Heritage Foundation is the only place in the nation where you can ride in an AH-1F Cobra attack helicopter. A ride in this aircraft is priced at $595 and is considered a bucket list experience, while a ride in a UH-1 Huey helicopter is priced at $100.

How many soldiers can a Huey carry?

The UH-1D was intended primarily for medevac and transport duties and could carry up to 12 troops.

How many Huey helicopters were lost in Vietnam?

Helicopter Losses During the Vietnam War

There are specific tail numbers for 11,827 total helicopters that served in the Vietnam War from all branches of the service. 1,925 Hueys were lost in combat, while 1,380 were lost in operational accidents.

What kind of fuel does a Huey use?

The Huey runs fine on Jet-A or in cold conditions Jet-B which just about every other turbine engine uses. In reality jet fuel is really just kerosene that has been very well filtered. Turbine engines can not handle the entrained water and particulate matter normally found in kerosene.

How far can a Huey fly on a tank of fuel?

A 833.8-liter (220-gallon) fuel tank gave the Huey a range of 459 km (285 miles) with an extended range of 1,094 km (680 statute miles) with auxiliary tanks installed.

How much can a Huey helicopter lift?

The UH-1N has a 15-seat configuration, with one pilot and 14 passengers. In cargo configuration, it has an internal capacity of 220 ft³ (6.23 m³). An external load up to 5,000 lb (2,268 kg) can be carried.

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How many Hueys were shot down in Vietnam?

According to the Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association, a total of 11,846 helicopters were shot down or crashed during the war, resulting in nearly 5,000 American pilots and crew killed. Of those servicepeople, 2,382 were killed while serving aboard UH-1 Iroquois, better known as the ubiquitous “Huey.”

How old are Huey helicopters?

The UH-1 was the first turbine-powered helicopter produced for the United States military, and more than 16,000 have been built since 1960.

Bell UH-1 Iroquois.

UH-1 Iroquois / “Huey”
Manufacturer Bell Helicopter
First flight 20 October 1956 (XH-40)
Introduction 1959
Status In service