Question: How far away is Chiang Mai from Bangkok?

How far is Chiang Mai from Bangkok by plane?

There are roughly 400 miles to cover between Bangkok and Chiang Mai. Flights from Bangkok to Chiang Mai only take a little over an hour, cutting down your travel time from a full day or night on a bus or train to a short plane ride.

How long is train ride from Bangkok to Chiang Mai?

The distance from Bangkok to Chiang Mai by train is 751 km. The duration of the train journey from Bangkok to Chiang Mai is between 11 hours for the fastest train, to 14 hours and 20 minutes for the slowest train. All trains originate from Hua Lamphong Railway Station in Bangkok.

How long is a bus ride from Bangkok to Chiang Mai?

Ride a bus

Buses between Bangkok and Chiang Mai take around 12 hours and there are several services, both during the day and night.

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How long does it take to drive to Chiang Mai from Bangkok?

It takes approximately 9h 35m to drive from Bangkok to Chiang Mai.

Is it safe in Chiang Mai?

Chiang Mai is particularly safe compared to other tourist centres. Apart from hustlers at tourist markets, pushy girls in bars or irritating tuk-tuk drivers, you can enjoy a hassle-free holiday here. Safety in Chiang Mai is good; it’s a calm provincial town with few incidents of violence, theft or harassment.

Is Chiang Mai cooler than Bangkok?

The region has three distinct seasons: the cool season, the hot season and the rainy season. Chiang Mai is cooler than Bangkok, due to its geographical location.

What is the best time of year to go to Chiang Mai?

The ideal time to visit Chiang Mai is between October and April. Weather during this period is mostly cool and pleasant with light breeze, which is also why it’s peak tourist season. Another good time to visit Chiang Mai is during the festivals when the city is at its vibrant best.

How many days do you need for Chiang Mai?

When you’re planning your Chiang Mai itinerary, it’s helpful to know that three days is the perfect amount of time to spend in Chiang Mai. It’s enough time to give you the flavor of the city and see several of the highlights. With 3 days in Chiang Mai, you can cover quite a bit of ground without feeling rushed.

What is Chiang Mai Thailand known for?

Chiang Mai is most famous for its beautiful ancient temples, though there is much more to see and do. The striking mountainous landscape around the city provides a lot of wonderful natural attractions and is home to two tribal villages.

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How much is a first class bus from Bangkok to Chiang Mai?

Bangkok to Chiang Mai Bus Schedule and Bus Fare

Bus Operator First Bus Fare From
Bangkok Busline 06:00 THB 529.00
Budsarakam Tour 20:40 THB 617.00
Lignite Tour (Northern Thailand) 20:15 THB 617.00
Sombat Tour 07:00 THB 529.00

Does Chiang Mai have an airport?

Chiang Mai International Airport (Thai: ท่าอากาศยานเชียงใหม่) (IATA: CNX, ICAO: VTCC) is an international airport serving Chiang Mai, the capital city of Chiang Mai Province in Thailand. It is a major gateway to Northern Thailand, and currently the fourth-busiest airport in the country.

Is Chiang Mai near Bangkok?

Located 700 kilometers north of Bangkok, getting from Bangkok to Chiang Mai takes some planning. If you’re hoping for just a quick weekend visit, it makes sense to fly between the two cities, as land travel options will take more than half a day.

How do I get from Bangkok to Chiang Mai?

When travelling the 700 km distance from Chiang Mai to Bangkok, you have 3 options: you can catch a flight for just over 1 hour, take the train for 10.5 to 14.5 hours, or take the bus for 10 hours. Rates range between $19 and $28.

Is Chiang Mai near Phuket?

The distance between Phuket and Chiang Mai is 1215 km. The road distance is 1526.2 km.