Is Philippine Daily Inquirer a company?

What type of media is Philippines Daily INQUIRER?

The Philippine Daily Inquirer, popularly known as the Inquirer, is an English-language newspaper in the Philippines. Founded in 1985, it is often regarded as the Philippines’ newspaper of record.

What is the function of Philippine Daily Inquirer?

As the country’s number 1 newspaper, the Philippine Daily Inquirer will remain steadfast in its commitment to bring “Balanced news, fearless views” to readers when and where it matters. Empowering the Filipino people. We are a multi-media organization passionately telling the Filipino story.

What Web is INQUIRER Net?, the Philippine Daily Inquirer online, is a pioneer in digital publishing, and the news website with the largest Filipino online audience worldwide at 65-million page views per month from 6.8 million unique visitors.

Who owns the company of the Philippine Daily Inquirer?

Inquirer Group of Companies

Type Private
Key people Marixi Rufino-Prieto (chairperson)
Services Print publication, Digital media, Broadcasting
Owner Pinnacle Printers Corporation (68.9%) Excel Pacific Holding Corporation (25%) Mercedes Rufino-Prieto (6.1%)

Who is Inquirer?

noun. a person who asks a question or seeks to learn about something, often someone whose character it is to do so:The answer to any question is available within a second or two on the Internet, but it’s up to the inquirer to evaluate the validity of the answer.

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Is Inquirer net and Philippine Daily Inquirer the same? is the official news website of the INQUIRER Group of Companies (IGC). … BUSINESS – Provides business, financial and economy-related news. TECHNOLOGY – Features the latest in technology and modern innovation. OPINION – The home of renowned Filipino journalists and opinion-makers.

When was inquirer net created?

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What Web is Facebook belong?

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Who is the owner of Manila Times?

Ownership structure

As of 2017, Rappler is owned primarily by Rappler Holdings Corporation, which is in turn owned by Dolphin Fire Group (31.21%), Maria Ressa (23.77%), Hatchd Group (17.86%), Benjamin So (17.86%), and 9.3 percent of minority shares.