How much sun does Malaysia get?

The monthly total of sunhours over the year in Kuala Lumpur (Kuala Lumpur Federal Territory), Malaysia. On average, March is the most sunny month with 208 hours of sunshine. November has on average the lowest amount of sunshine with 152 hours.

How many hours of daylight does Malaysia have?

Sunrise and sunset in the most important cities of Malaysia

City Sunrise Hours of daylight
Kota Bharu 07:06 am 11:50 h
Seremban 07:01 am 12:01 h
Kuala Lumpur 07:03 am 11:59 h
Petaling Jaya 07:03 am 11:59 h

Why is Malaysia so hot?

Located near the equator, Malaysia’s climate is categorised as equatorial, being hot and humid throughout the year. … Malaysia is exposed to the El Niño effect, which reduces rainfall in the dry season.

Is Malaysia a hot or cold country?

Malaysia enjoys tropical weather year round however due to its proximity to water the climate is often quite humid. Despite this, the weather is never too hot and temperatures range from a mild 20°C to 30°C average throughout the year; however the highlands experience cooler temperatures.

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Is Malaysia a tropical country?

Climate in Malaysia

Malaysia is a tropical country, with typical temperatures ranging from 21 degrees to 32 degrees Celcius. Humidity is high – typically 80 per cent or more.

What time is golden hour in Malaysia?

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Position of the sun in the sky on December 11, 2021

Time: Duration:
Nautical twilight 06:20 – 06:46 26 min.
Civil twilight 06:46 – 07:08 22 min.
Sunrise 07:08
Golden Hour 07:08 – 07:37 28 min.

What is the golden hour?

What is golden hour? The last hour before sunset and the first hour after sunrise are coveted by professional photographers. Referred to as “the golden hour” or “magic hour,” these times provide the perfect light to capture stunning photos.

Does Malaysia have snow?

Despite being generally accepted that it does not snow in Malaysia, there have been two instances that snowfall has been recorded in the country. The first sighting was in 1975, with the second one coming in 1993. On both occasions, the snow accumulated to a depth of 0.4 inches (10 millimeters) on Mount Kinabalu.

Why is Malaysia internet so slow?

Malaysia internet is slow because telekom malaysia throttled the speed down. Speed is reduced to protect corporate dedicated bandwidth premium service pricing. Malaysia internet is slow because telekom malaysia throttled the speed down. Speed is reduced to protect corporate dedicated bandwidth premium service pricing.

Which is the coldest place in Malaysia?

Kuala Lumpur: The tourist attraction in Sabah, Mount Kinabalu Peak which is 4,095 metres above sea level, is the coldest place in Malaysia.

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Does Malaysia have 4 seasons?

Climate of Malaysia

The four seasons of the climatic year are the northeast monsoon (from November or December until March), the first intermonsoonal period (March to April or May), the southwest monsoon (May or June to September or early October), and the second intermonsoonal period (October to November).

Will Malaysia ever have winter?

But does it snow in Malaysia? No, it does not snow in Malaysia. There is no record of it ever snowing in Malaysia. The country has a tropical rainforest climate, with temperatures mostly staying above 20°C (68°F) all year-round.

Why is Malaysia so hot now 2021?

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia is currently experiencing the Southwest monsoon, which results in a hot and dry climate, from now until mid-September, according to the Malaysian Meteorological Department (MetMalaysia).

Does Malaysia have summer?

Summer in Malaysia

Summer is a hot season in Malaysia; by months rainfall is distributed very sparsely. June, July and August are accompanied by dry South-West monsoon in the deserts of Australia.

Is Malaysia hotter than Philippines?

When is the best time to visit Malaysia and the Philippines? Malaysia stays hot and humid throughout the year. … The Philippines are the hottest from March to May, and from June to October it can be quite rainy. The coolest months are from November to February, but it is still warm and tropical.

Why is Malaysia so cold?

Malaysia’s weather and climate is dictated by the comings and goings of the Monsoon winds – separated into four seasons. The country’s current “cold season” is caused by the Northeast monsoon which lasts from November till March.

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