How much is the entrance fee in Sentosa Singapore?

How much does it cost to enter Sentosa?

Goods & Services vehicles are allowed free entry on Mondays to Fridays (except Public Holidays) from 8 am to 6pm. Admission charge of $10 is payable for any entry outside of this timing unless accompanied with a valid service order or delivery order.

Is entry to Sentosa free?

There are a few ways to enjoy the free admission to Sentosa. If you are entering at the Sentosa Express, use your Ez-Link Card to tap and enter for free. … For those driving in by car at the Sentosa Gantry, enter free as long as the vehicle has a locally registered IU.

What can you do in Sentosa for free?


  • Chill at Tanjong Beach. …
  • Explore the southernmost tip of Asia. …
  • Play some beach sports at Siloso Beach. …
  • Walk along Fort Siloso Skywalk. …
  • Go back in time at Fort Siloso. …
  • Go hiking at Sentosa Nature Discovery. …
  • Go on a guided tour of a secret side of Sentosa.
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Is one day enough for Sentosa Island?

As you can see, one day is hardly enough for Sentosa Island in Singapore. The fun attractions and activities that await there are countless, so plan as much as you can in advance. If you know what you want to do before you get there, you won’t spend your time wondering and wandering.

Is Sentosa bus free?

The Sentosa Bus

There are two main bus routes within Sentosa Island, offering free travel. Bus A and Bus C serve the western part of Sentosa, while Bus B connects to attractions on the eastern side of Sentosa.

Can bikes enter Sentosa?

Cyclists and users of Personal Mobility Devices (PMD) like E-Scooters and Unicycles can enter Sentosa via the cycling track along the Sentosa Boardwalk. There are no Island Admission charges for cyclists or users of PMDs.

Is Sentosa Monorail free now?

You Can Now Enter Sentosa For Free Via Car Or Monorail Till The End Of The Year.

Which pass is best for Singapore?

What are the best Singapore sightseeing passes?

  • Gardens by the Bay.
  • 2 Day Singapore City Pass.
  • The Singapore Sightseeing Pass w/ Hop-on Hop-off & Ticket to over 40 Attractions.
  • Go City: Singapore Explorer Pass – Choose 2 to 7 Attractions.
  • Unlimited 2 Days Passion Pass + 1 Premium.

How do I get from VivoCity to Sentosa?

From the MRT station, enter the VivoCity shopping mall. Head up to the third floor of the mall to reach the Sentosa Express Monorail Station. Purchase a train ticket to take the train and ride it into Sentosa. Those who are planning to take the bus can take bus number 123 to directly enter Sentosa.

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Can I go to Sentosa at night?

The night is still young, and you’re not quite ready to wrap up your adventure? Well lucky for you nocturnal explorers, the State Of Fun doesn’t sleep either! … So don’t call it a day just yet; here are some things to do in Sentosa at night for families, couples, solo travellers and more – Sentosa entertains all.

Is Fort Siloso free?

Fort Siloso is free – no charge.

How do I spend a day at Sentosa?

Sentosa’s several kilometres of pristine coastline and three separate beaches offer numerous ways to entertain yourself. Pack a picnic basket from home and pick a shady spot and settle down. Go for a swim, and for that we like Tanjong Beach’s clear and safe waters best. Run, jog or walk with the sand between your toes.

Is Sentosa and Universal Studio same?

Universal Studios Singapore is a theme park located within Resorts World Sentosa on Sentosa Island, Singapore. It features 28 rides, shows, and attractions in seven themed zones.

What is so special about Sentosa?

Resorts World Sentosa is home to one of the world’s biggest oceanariums, the S.E.A. Aquarium. Its 45 million litres of water houses more than 100,000 sea creatures, with over 800 different species living together. The attraction even has the world’s largest viewing panel, which stands at 36m wide and 8.3m high.

How long do you need at Sentosa Island?

There are plenty of good attractions in Sentosa to spend one full day, if you have enough time. Usually, tourists who spend only three days in Singapore do not spend more than half a day.

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