How many schools are there in Thailand?

There are 44,903 preprimary schools (6,619 private) in Thailand. The number of public primary schools and lower secondary is 31,129. Public lower and upper secondary schools number 2,660.

How many school are in Thailand?

There are 37,175 schools in Thailand providing general education as of the 2011 academic year. These include 31,286 schools under the OBEC, 1,726 operated by local governments, 57 university demonstration schools, 414 Phrapariyatidhamma (Buddhist) schools and 3,679 private schools.

How many high schools are there in Thailand?

Education in Thailand

Ministry of Education Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation
Total 13,157,103 (2010)
Primary 3,651,613 (2010)
Secondary 1,695,223 (2010)
Post secondary 663,150 (2010)

How many primary schools are there in Thailand?

There are approximately 31,000 public primary schools and lower secondary schools in Thailand.

How many international schools are there in Thailand?

There are 166 international schools in Thailand as of June 2016, according to the Office of the Private Education Commission (OPEC), which regulates the operation of all private schools in the country.

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How old are you in 11th grade?

International Students

Student Age (as of September 1, 2021) American Grade Equivalent
16 years old Grade 11
15 years old Grade 10
14 years old Grade 9
13 years old Grade 8

How many students are in Thailand?

There are nearly 20 million students in Thailand enrolled from early • years to higher education encompassing both formal and non-formal education.

What age is P1?

Scottish school year groups

Age during school year England and Wales: National Curriculum (plus Foundation Phase in Wales) Scotland: Curriculum for Excellence
5 Reception P1 (Early level)
6 Year 1 P2 (First level)
7 Year 2 P3 (First level)
8 Year 3 P4 (First level)

How many years is high school in Thailand?

From the ages of 12-18, children in Thailand attend schools offering secondary education, from Matthayom 1-6. These 6 years are split into lower and upper secondary education and only the lower portion, i.e. Matthayom 1-3, is compulsory.

How much is school in Thailand?

The average school fees in Thailand is $17,200 per year. Annual tuition fees among international schools in Thailand range from $1,800 to $24,000. These international schools offer a variety of curricula, including but not limited to the International Baccalaureate (IB), CBSE, and Indian curriculum.

How many international schools are there in Bangkok?

All the key information about the 90 International Schools in Bangkok, Thailand: Extracurricular activies, if teachers are native, class sizes, fees, school bus availability, etc. Enter your preferences and find the best international school in Bangkok for your children.

How long is the school year in Thailand?

The school year begins in May and ends in February, with a semester break from late September to mid-October. Most hiring is done during February and March, or for the universities, in early August.

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Where does Thailand rank education?

Thailand ranks 47th place among 76 countries in global education standard survey. Thailand was ranked the 47th place in the latest global school ranking by the Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

How many international schools are there in Thailand in 2020?

Thailand is home to over 100 international institutions which comprise international schools and international preschools to accommodate the educational needs of expatriate children.

Is education good in Thailand?

Though the government invests generously in public education, the nation at large fails to measure up to global academic standards. … Despite Thailand’s universal access to education and 96.7 percent literacy rate, Thai students scored below the global average on PISA tests in 2014, ranking 35th out of 40 countries.

What is the best high school in Thailand?

Top 5 International Schools in Thailand

  • NIST International School, Bangkok. NIST International School first opened its door in 1992. …
  • British International School, Phuket. …
  • Regents International School Pattaya. …
  • Bangkok Patana School, Bangkok. …
  • United World College (UWC) Thailand, Phuket.