How do you ask for food in Thai?

How do you say food in Thai?

Restaurant: ‘rahn’ is the Thai word for ‘shop’. Therefore the word ‘rahn-ah-hahn’ for restaurant is simply ‘shop food’.

THAI LANGUAGE LESSONS. L17a – Food: General Terms.

food ah-hahn
eat food tahn ah-hahn
eat food gin kaow (informal)
cook food tam gup kaow
restaurant rahn-ah-hahn

How do you ask for rice in Thai?

Just say it after you order the dish. Suppose you order something and the seller asks, “ราดข้าวรึเป็นกับ?” He’s basically asking if you want rice with it, or a larger serving without rice. If you respond by saying ‘กับ’, it might be assumed you want it as take-away.

How do you order a beer in Thailand?

How to Order Beer in Thai

  1. เอา เบียร์ หนึ่ง ขวด (Ow bia nueng khuat) = I’ll have 1 bottle of beer. …
  2. เอา เบียร์ หนึ่ง ขวด (ow bia nueng khuat) –
  3. น้ำแข็ง (nam khaeng) – ice (water+hard)
  4. This phrase tends to be used when people are trying to get you drunk.

What does aroi Mak Mak mean?

“Aroy” means “delicious” or “tasty.” “Mak” means “very.” When you’re eating out, you’ll hear the question “Aroy mai?” more than once, which means, “Is it delicious?” The polite response is usually to gush over the quality of the food with an enthusiastic “Aroy mak.” It’s ok to lie a little bit and give the dishes an “ …

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What is AROY in Thai?

Aroy in Thai means “yummy” or “delicious”

How do I ask less spicy in Thai?

So, “Mai Ped” in Thai means Not spicy. When Thai people hear this, they will automatically know that you don’t like spicy. This will ensure you will have an enjoyable meal without having your mouth burned.

What is Hiu in Thai?

1. หิว hiuR. [is] hungry; starved; starving.

How do you say basic phrases in Thai?

Basic Thai Phrases

  1. Hello – Sawadee khrup/ka.
  2. Yes – Chai (khrup/ka)
  3. No – Mai (khrup/ka)
  4. Maybe – Aaj ja (khrup/ka)
  5. Thank you – khop khun (khrup/ka)
  6. Sorry/excuse me – Khor thoad khrup/ka.
  7. Where is the restroom– Hong nam yoo tee nai khrup/ka?
  8. I need a doctor- Phom dong gaan hai mor maa raak sa khrup/ka.