How do I ship furniture from Taobao to Singapore?

Can I ship furniture from Taobao?

How to ship furniture from Taobao to Singapore, and is it expensive? If you’re shipping heavy and/or bulky items like furniture, the most direct option would be sea shipment by Cainiao (Taobao’s logistics arm). This is cheaper than their air shipment — but even this can be quite expensive!

How long does it take to ship furniture from Taobao to Singapore?

Shipping via an external freight forwarder may require a longer shipping time as compared to shipping via Taobao’s existing forwarders. On average, freight forwarders may take up to 3 weeks to deliver your cargo whereas Taobao’s forwarders may take up to 2 weeks.

Should you buy furniture from Taobao?

Yes, buying furniture on Taobao is a mammoth task, especially if you’re new to it. But cheaper prices and more choices are among the reasons why it’s become common for homeowners in Singapore to go the extra mile to buy furniture and fittings on the mega online shopping wonderland.

Is Taobao furniture cheap?

Although Taobao furniture is cheap, it’s not free. So, you still have to pay for your stuff after choosing the shipping method.

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Does Taobao ship to Singapore?

Method of shipping: the shop or seller will consolidate your purchases and ship it to you via air freight, unfortunately, Taobao’s delivery provider doesn’t provide direct shipping to Singapore for this option.

How long does Taobao Sea Shipping take to Singapore?

Sea shipping from China to Singapore, Malaysia takes about 3 weeks, air shipping will deliver your items in 1-2 weeks.

Is EZ ship cheaper?

By using ezShip’s freight forwarding shipping, you get: A slightly cheaper shipping cost.

Is Ezbuy cheaper than Taobao?

The results are in: Taobao prices can be more expensive by 30% to 50% on Ezbuy. … If you can shop on Taobao, then you might as well make your purchase there.

What is CBM in Taobao?

If you opt for cargo shipping, there are three ways forwarding companies charge shoppers: by the actual weight of the item, volumetric weight of the packaged item, and per cubic metre (or, CBM) of the packaged item. …

How does Taobao calculate shipping?

when you buy several items from the same Taobao seller domestic shipping will be calculated only once. Domestic shipping fee is calculated on flat rate of 15RMB per seller.

How much is Ezship?

How Much Does ezShip Cost?

Country Rates
USA Economy: S$3.99 per 500g (actual) Standard: S$3.99 per 500g (actual/volumetric)
Taiwan Economy: S$3.00 per 500g Food & Cosmetics: S$4.00 per 500g
China Economy: S$1.69 per 500g Sensitive: S$4.99 per 500g

Can I buy ceiling fan from Taobao?

Explore the broad realm of taobao ceiling fan offered at to buy these products within your price range.

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How do I change currency in Taobao?

On the login page, tap on “立即注册” (Register) to register for a Taobao account. Before keying in your mobile number, tap on “+86” to change your country code. Look for “新加坡 +65” (Singapore) in the list of countries and territories.

How do you use Taobao Cainiao?

Step #1: Go on the Taobao app and request to start the goods return process. This applies only to eligible items. Step #2: Cainiao’s local logistics partners will contact you to confirm pick-up details. It will take up to two working days for doorstep pick-up.