How can I transfer balance from Etisalat to Philippines?

How can I transfer my Etisalat number?

On your phone keypad type *100*mobilenumber*amount# you want to transfer #. For example, if you want to send AED 5, you have to simply dial *100*05XXXXXXXX*5#. After you have transferred the credit to another Etisalat customer, you will be asked for a confirmation for your transfer.

Can I transfer phone credit to another phone?

With certain exceptions, it normally isn’t possible to transfer credit between mobile networks. … While mobile networks are under no obligation to move your credit to another account, they will normally do this as it’s a way to keep a loyal customer.

How can I transfer du to Philippines?

How does it work?

  1. Step 1: Simply send an SMS ‘SEND’ to short code 1700.
  2. Step 2: Enter the International MSISDN where you wish to transfer mobile credit. ( Format: Country code followed by MSISDN. …
  3. Step 3: Choose from one of the available transfer amounts and confirm.
  4. Step 4: Successful message confirming the transaction.
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How can I get free balance in Etisalat?

All users who are eligible for Reserve Credit will be notified via SMS to subscribe to the service by dialling *108*1# If you are subscribed to the service, you’ll be notified via SMS about the amount you’ve been credited once your balance reaches AED 1.

How do I transfer Etisalat balance?

Log in and pay online using your credit or debit card. Recharge cards and eVouchers: Buy an etisalat recharge card or eVoucher from any store or your closest etisalat partner. Recharge by dialling *120*(card number)#.

How do I do an international balance transfer?

To start transferring international credit dial *222# and follow these steps:

  1. Enter the international phone number with the country code (example: 00911412680011)
  2. Select the amount that you would like to transfer.
  3. An SMS confirmation will be sent to you and the receiver.

How do I activate Etisalat balance transfer?

How to use

  1. Type: *107*05XXXXXXXX*Amount# (the number of the person you are asking credit from) and press send or call key.
  2. The destination number will receive a message informing him/her that you need credit with the amount specified as follows: “Mobile Number 05xxxxxx is requesting you to transfer AED x (amount).

Can I transfer credit to another SIM card?

It’s not possible to transfer credit from one sim to another.

How do I turn my phone credit into cash?

How to Convert Airtime to Cash in Nigeria Using AimtoGet

  1. Create an account on AimtoGet and Login.
  2. Go to fund Wallet.
  3. Select mobile network, phone number and airtime amount.
  4. Check if the transaction was successful.
  5. If yes, Withdraw the cash straight to your bank account.
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How can I get 1000 minutes on Etisalat?

How do I subscribe? – Dial *135*90# and follow the instructions. Once the subscription is active, you will enjoy 1000 Minutes in the monthly or 200 Minutes in the weekly pack. You can make calls to as many numbers in your home country as you wish with no limitation on the called numbers.

How can I transfer credit from Etisalat to Etisalat Afghanistan?

How to transfer credit from Etisalat to Etisalat in Afghanistan? To perform a credit transfer: Dial *125*RECEIVERNUMBER*AMOUNT# and press send. For example to send 5 AFN dial *100*05XXXXXXXX*5#. Then press 1 to confirm.

How can I get international minutes on Etisalat?


  1. Dial *135*80# and select your country.
  2. Choose from daily, weekly or monthly plans.
  3. Get up to 2,000 international minutes.

How can I get unlimited data on Etisalat?

Prepaid Nonstop Data plan

  1. By dialling *170#
  2. By texting “data” to 1010. You’ll also be notified via SMS upon reaching 50%, 80%, 90% and full consumption of your daily fair usage limit; there is no out-of-bundle data usage on the plans.

How do I check my Etisalat package?

How can I check my usage?

  1. Via My Etisalat UAE app.
  2. Log on to
  3. To check package details, text “NP” to 1012.
  4. To check balance allowances, Text NP Balance to 1012. Dial 101# Dial *140# Dial 170# (for data only)