How can I get telex visa in Indonesia?

To obtain a visa telex the guarantor must submit an application online and pay for the visa telex and visa fee. The visa telex will serve as an e-Visa.

How can I get telex in Indonesia?

Requirements electronic Visa (e-Visa) VITAS & Visa Indonesian Citizen (Husband, Wife and Relatives)

  1. Scan Color Indonesian ID card.
  2. Scan Color Indonesian Family Card.
  3. Scan Color Indonesian Birth Certificate.
  4. Scan Color Certificate of Marriage has been legalized by the Embassy.

How do I apply for a telex visa?

Visit Visa / B211B & B211C (With Telex)

  1. The Approval letter from the Directorate General of Immigration (Telex)
  2. Fill the white form. …
  3. The original passport and the copy (the signature page must be copied). …
  4. The passport must have at least 2 blank pages left for the use of visa sticker and stamps.

How long does telex visa take?

Impact on processing times: Processing will take approximately seven business days after submission of applications.

What is a telex visa?

Telex visa is an approval by the Directorate General of Immigration to the Indonesian Embassy in all over the world to issue visa for the foreigner. The Directorate sends its approval by telex, that is why it’s called as telex visa. … In other words, the foreigner should come to Indonesia no longer than in 12 April.

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What is limited stay visa Indonesia?

Limited Stay Visa is a single entry visa issued for a visit that is related to work and to other purposes such as investment, research, family unification, performance, sport, social activities, retired/senior citizen, etc.

How do I get an Indonesian sponsor?

Requirements for Obtaining a Visa Sponsorship Letter

  1. Date of application.
  2. Details of the applicant as shown in passport.
  3. Embassy of application and address.
  4. Details of visa sponsor.
  5. Supporting documents.
  6. Signature of the sponsor.

What is directive telex number?

A Telex is a visa directive sent by the Ministry of Interior Affairs to the Russian consulate of your choice. Once the telex is ready, its number will be sent to you and you should refer to it when applying to the consulate for an actual visa.

What is Offshore visa Indonesia?


It is issued without visiting the Consulate or providing additional business documents. You will be sponsored by our company. We will also take care of processing a full set of documents for obtaining an electronic visa (E-visa).

What is B211A visa?

The B211A E-visa is a visa that will allow you to visit Indonesia and stay for 60 days, this visa can be extended 4 times with 30 days of each extension. However, due to Covid-19 regulations, this visa only can be used for foreigner who have a business purpose to visit Indonesia, such as: Social and humanitarian work.

How can I stay in Indonesia for 6 months?

How to Get an Indonesia Visa Extension in Bali and Stay up to Six Months

  1. 1) Get an Indonesian Tourist Visa in Advance. …
  2. 2) Find a Bali Visa Extension Agent. …
  3. 3) Start the Process Two Weeks Before Your Visa Expires. …
  4. 4) Visit the Denpasar Immigration Office for the First Extension. …
  5. 5) Extend Up to Four Times. …
  6. 6) Enjoy Bali!
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How do I get a temporary stay visa in Indonesia?

To apply for a KITAS online, you have to visit this website, which is the official website of the Indonesian Directorate General of Immigration. Select the option “Temporary Stay Permit” and follow the instructions thereafter. You will need your VITAS Authorization Number.

How can I get limited visa in Indonesia?


  1. Completed visa application form (download the​ VisaForm. …
  2. Original passport valid at least for 6 months upon the date of arrival in Indonesia.
  3. One colored pasport size photograph.
  4. Copy of return flight itinerary (or travel plan)
  5. Receipt of payment (please Visa Fee for information on visa fee)

How much does Kitas cost?

KITAS (Temporary Stay Permit) and Work Permit Package

KITAS and Work Permit are valid for maximum 1 year and can be extended if required. The cost of this package is IDR 10.000. 000 and it involves handling of following documents: Foreign Worker Placement Plan (RPTKA)