Frequent question: What is the cost of university in Malaysia?

How much will it cost me to study in Malaysia?

B. Bachelor’s Degree Programmes

Item 3+0 Engineering Degree in Malaysia (Estimated cost)
Tuition fees (for international students) RM68,000 per course for a duration of 3 years
Basic living expenses RM54,000 for 3 years
Other cost RM15,000
Total tuition fees and living expenses for 3 years Approx. RM140,000 (US$35,000)

Is University cheap in Malaysia?

You can study in Malaysia for less than USD 10,000!

Tuition fees at public universities range from USD 1,500 to USD 6,000 per year. Education at private institutions can cost about USD 9,000 per academic year. Branches of foreign universities are more expensive but significantly cheaper than their main campuses.

Is university free in Malaysia?

Education may be obtained from the multilingual national school system, which provides free education for all Malaysians, or private schools, or through homeschooling. International and private institutions charge school fees. By law, primary education is compulsory.

Is Malaysia expensive for students?

Personal Expenses

However, the cost can be estimated to be between RM100 (US$32) and RM200 (US$64). This includes your socialising needs, toiletries, haircut, clothes, movie, etc. Using the estimate above, the total cost of living for a student will average at RM1,500 (US$469) per month or RM18,000 (US$5,625) per year.

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Is studying in Malaysia worth it?

It opens up a world of improved career prospects all around the world for you. With top-notch education standards, Malaysia is fast becoming a hot favourite with international students. Its educational institutes are counted within the top 200 universities in the world.

Can I study in Malaysia for free?

Can I study in Malaysia for free? Malaysia has some of the most affordable universities in the world. They have low tuition fees, scholarships, and grants to international students.

What is the cheapest university in Malaysia?

Most affordable universities in Malaysia

  • Universiti Teknologi Mara: Masters start at 515 EUR/year.
  • University of Malaya: Masters start at 626 EUR/year.
  • University of Kuala Lumpur: Masters start at 1,038 EUR/year.
  • Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM): Bachelors start at 1,166 EUR/year.

What is 12th grade in Malaysia?

Malaysia. In Malaysia, the 12th grade is also known as Form 6 in a secondary school which is further divided into Lower 6 and Upper 6. The students at this stage are 18 years old and will usually complete their schooling at 19 years old.

Is Malaysia costly than India?

Malaysia is 51% more expensive than India.

How much is international school fees in Malaysia?

Based on 2021/2022 fees.

Type of Fee Term of Fee Price (MYR)
Tuition Fee Annual RM52,730
Re-enrollment Fee Annual RM8,590
TOTAL for first year RM94,060

How much is PhD in Malaysia?

PhD opportunities in Malaysia – what’s on offer for 2022?

Universities 63
Oldest University University of Malaya (1905)
International Students 81,953
PhD Length 3-5 years
Representative Fees MYR 35,000 (USD $8,360)
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